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   What’s up witches! I know that I’ve been MIA for the last couple months but I’m back with a totally revamped site… and a partner! My good friend and fellow witch, Cadence has decided to join the team. 

   Not only will having two creators on this site be more fun but one of the reasons I took a break was because I didn’t have time to keep up with it every week. I also wanted to expand to more than just written content but there was no way for me to do that as one person. I also had been doing it all by myself every week (in the beginning every day) for months on end so I was burning out. 

   Although I have seen success with my written content I want to expand to more mediums. I want to try everything from video, to podcasts, to photography. I feel like utilizing more platforms is going to make Venusian VVitches more accessible to more people. I also feel like some of my blog posts would be better as a video or a graphic than just a written post. My writer’s voice is a lot like a speaking voice which I love but it’s also shown me that I want to do more than just write.

   Now for the fun stuff about the relaunch, why change? I decided to get away from “The Coffee Witch” because the theme was really limited. It narrowed down my content to coffee and witchcraft, which at first I loved but after a while it felt inauthentic. Also I’m not even a real coffee witch.  I love witchcraft and coffee but there are witches out there crafting magickal coffee or using coffee in their craft, or maybe they’re a witchy barista. I think that that’s amazing but I’m not as into coffee magick as they are so I should let them be “The Coffee Witch.” 

   I want to gear more towards lifestyle content on what it’s like being a young witch in this crazy world. Right now is a very special time for all young witches and spirituals. We are constantly evolving and saving the world but there are way more facets and sides to being a lightworker than that. I want to talk about the highs, the lows, and the in betweens of growing up with this expanded awareness that we all share.

   I also want to do more fun content about trends, fashion, and pop culture. I have a lot of fun doing the serious articles because they’re so interesting to me but I want to be able to do more quick and light hearted things on here too. Being 19 years old sometimes I want to write about content that’s easier to digest and relatable. Sometimes I feel like I’m trying to be older or wiser than I am on here. While that mindset has helped me learn, it felt weird sometimes to write about mature topics like other religions and advanced scientific concepts. I will definitely still write about these serious topics but I want this site to be a fun place as well as an informative place. 

   Finally, I want to cover the name, look, and overall theme of the site. I want to say that the name comes from the fact that we follow Venus and incorporate feminine energy heavily in our practice. In actuality we couldn’t think of a name and we were joking around and said “Venusian Bitches” which turned into “Venusian Witches” which finally evolved into “Venusian VVitches.” We honestly didn’t think the name would stick but it was just kind of perfect so we had to use it. 

   Now for the look, we wanted to go with a magazine type of feel because we both started writing in high school publications. Creating the school newspaper and yearbook really taught me how to write, design, and edit photos so without that foundation there would be no website. I also run the site almost the same as I ran the publications so it is heavily influenced by that background. 

   We went with a pink and gold color scheme because those colors really make me think of feminine goddess energy. Also I wanted to market more young girls like me because I can relate to that group the most. All are welcome on this website but I know that most of my audience is women so I want to cater to that. I also want to cater to myself and what I like, so if I want to be making relatable content for people like me I need a look that reflects that. 

   The last thing I want to cover in this introduction is readings. I am a certified tarot/oracle reader and Cadence is also a very skilled tarot/oracle reader. I want to start doing more readings because that’s one of the ways I got started.  I used to do readings on Tiktok which is part of what made me start this blog. There are also a few ways to get a reading: First I have a page on this website for them where I offer a few different types; I also do readings over social media so you can also contact me on there to set up a reading. I can also do more than just tarot so if you’re interested in something different than cartomancy definitely ask and we can probably get it set up. 

If you made it to the end of this article, congratulations please schedule a reading… Just kidding. But real talk I hope you enjoy the new website and find a reason to come back every week. I am so excited to start creating content every week because I live to create. This blog is very special to me because it gave me a voice so I hope that comes across in everything I put out.



4 thoughts on “Venusian VVitches

  1. Keep on blogging. May the good witches do their thing in relation to Mother Earth.
    For the genuine seeker there is the challenge of Truth and Service.
    I found it when I met George King (1919-1997) who founded The Aetherius Society in1955.
    My website is,


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