If you’ve delved into yoga and meditation then you have probably heard the word, Kundalini or Kundalini awakening thrown around a few times. With many spiritual concepts, different practitioners will explain it a little differently but the definition of Kundalini is, “latent female energy believed to lie coiled at the base of the spine.” It is also referred to as a meditation system designed to awaken this energy.

   The Kundalini is mostly an eastern concept as it comes from the Sanskrit word for “coiled snake” and it is prevalent in yoga and meditation as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. However, this concept can be seen in many cultures around the world including Native American, Gnosticism, and other indigenous cultures as the image of the rising snake is prevalent in esoteric drawings. The concept of exploring energy is also a common concept everywhere. 

   This energy lies in everyone and they are born with it. Kundalini yoga practitioners believe that this energy is the life force energy and that it actually triggers the formation of the child in the womb. Then when we die, this goes back to source. This energy typically lays dormant unless awoken through spiritual and yogic practice. It can also awaken due to life changing events. People who have awakened their Kundalini typically describe a feeling of a snake uncoiling up the spine. It can happen gradually or abruptly; typically when it is awakened by a life event it is very abrupt and cause distress as the body has to adjust to these new energy frequencies. 

   When awakened, this energy travels up from the root chakra (base of spine) through all of the chakras, boosting their/your energy. This boosted energy provides a new sense of knowledge and power in the individual therefore it takes a lot of responsibility to harness this energy. This is why most of the people who awaken this are experienced yogis or avid meditators. 

   Practitioners have described experiencing vibrations in the body, shaking, spasms, and enhanced psychic abilities. It can also cause the person to feel lost and hopelessly confused because they may feel like a new person. Awakening this energy is very threatening to the ego as it forces you to expel anything that is not serving you. An ego death is a likely experience as well because this is a life changing experience that can change someone’s entire outlook on life. 

   The awakening typically begins with suffering as the soul prepares for this journey. You are going to find that things that once mattered to you might not anymore. You may also feel alienated by society as you figure out how outdated everything is. This is your soul decluttering your mind of things that don’t matter to you anymore. Although this is a very hard time, you will soon feel like chains have been lifted from your hands. As if the emotional and spiritual upheaval wasn’t enough, you can even experience physical sickness from this. This is because low vibrations can make us feel sick and the sickness is you expelling trapped energy. This creates the space and beginning of your healing. You will feel childhood and past life trauma come up and you will have no choice but to release and heal. 

   This release of old ideals causes the person to begin to question everything. Everything you have been taught up to this point means nothing unless you want/allow it to. If you don’t like something, question and change it for the greater good. This is also when you  will start to have profound spiritual experiences which will make everything a little more clear. As you ask questions you will begin to find the answers. It is also common to experience an identity crisis because everything around and about you is changing rapidly. So if you don’t know who you are, ask the universe because you’ll find out. Also just flow with the changes because they are probably for the better. You are becoming more wise and looking within yourself for the meaning of your life so who cares what other people think. 

   Although this is different for everyone, there are some signs to look out for if you feel ready to experience the Kundalini or you feel like you may have accidentally awakened your inner life force energy. 

  1. You feel like your life is falling apart: This is your universe getting rid of what no longer serves you. A similar experience happens in the original spiritual awakening before the shadow period occurs. You may also experience anxiety or depression.
  2. Synchronicities and signs from the universe: The universe speaks in synchronicities and “coincidences.” This could come in the form of repeated numbers or words, repeated events, images, or deja vu. It could also come in little messages that make you feel like everything is going to be okay. These signs also come from the universe providing you with unexpected help. For example, you happen to meet someone who has a connection with your dream job.
  3. Urge for new things: Out with the old in with the new. If it isn’t serving you this energy will not allow you to keep doing it. You will be seeking new experiences that open your mind. 
  4. Sensitivity: The psychic sensitivities as well as feminine energy is heightened in this time making you very sensitive to your surroundings. Not only are you feeling more energies but the feminine energy is making you more emotionally sensitive. 
  5. A new outlook: You see the world in a whole new way because you are overflowing with source energy. This will cause you to make decisions in a new way and change your reality for the better.

   If you feel these symptoms and think your Kundalini may be awakening there are some things you can do to relieve the stress.

  1. Kundalini Yoga: I have mentioned this earlier but there is a whole genre of Yoga specifically to awaken or stimulate this feminine energy. By accepting and working with this energy you can learn how to ease the symptoms and step into your power. Yoga is also great for unblocking your energy centers which is a common problem that we all have from  time to time. When you go through the Kundalini Awakening you can experience blockages as this energy is rapidly clearing them. This is what makes it seem like everything is falling apart. It is all the things that you don’t need leaving your body. Yoga can help ease these feelings smoothly.
  2. Meditation: There are many meditations designed specifically for the Kundalini. Much like Kundalini Yoga this can help ease blockages and move energy through the body. This can also be a big help in letting go of toxic habits and things in your life. Meditation is also a great form of self care that I recommend to everyone. 
  3. Take Care of your Body: This advice goes for everyone but it is even more important when you are going through such a massive energy shift like this. I speak from experience when I stress that eating good food and drinking healthy drinks will make you feel so much better than junk food ever will. This is because nutritious food has a higher vibration than processed foods. Did you know that all the unhealthy bleached and hydrogenated processed food has actually been changed on a molecular level? Then you consume this food that is far from it’s natural form and over time you will feel the difference between all natural foods and junk. Fruits and veggies are always best because they are straight from the earth but for my fellow non vegans I recommend whole grains and organic non gmo foods when possible. Then there is the physical aspect of the body. In this day and age it is so easy to become sedentary. I urge everyone to try and move at least once a day. I prefer to work out in a gym but if this isn’t for you there is hiking and biking out in nature; or you can sign up for group fitness classes like yoga or cycle, you can swim, or just go walk in your neighborhood. Just trying at all will make a difference. Getting up and moving helps clear stagnant energy from the body which will make you feel much better and help you awaken smoother. 
  4. Finding More People Like You: This one is probably the most difficult for me because of where I live (TX) but that’s where the internet comes in. Hanging around people who don’t understand or atleast try to understand spirituality can make you feel alienated and like you don’t belong here. This is common for my fellow witches and starseeds and one of the reasons why I started this blog. To this day I only have one witch friend so don’t feel like you’re crazy. So far I have found that the best place to find other spiritual friends are metaphysical shops, holistic festivals, the internet, and in spiritual vacation destinations. Anyways, do not feel alone because I will be your friend if you need it. I went through the same experience when I first awakened, especially because I was quarantined. 
  5. Raise the Vibration of the Planet Your Way: This probably sounds complicated because… The whole planet? Yes. For the last couple years the human race has had mass awakenings as the planet is shifting into the Age of Aquarius and 5d consciousness. One way we can all help bring on the shift is by simply being ourselves. When you are doing what you love you are vibrating on a high level, since you are on Earth your vibration contributes to that of the planet; therefore, by  practicing your passion you are helping the Earth. This doesn’t even have to be anything spiritual either. If you love playing soccer, soccer it up. One thing I like to do to boost my vibe is practicing my affirmations while I get into that awesome flow state. Try it for about a week and tell me what happens, I dare you. 
  6. Trust the Universe: This is also a hard one but have faith in yourself, the Universe, and whatever you personally follow that everything is going to be okay. When you’re in the storm I know this is so hard but on the other side lies opportunity and a better life. This is your energy shifting, so don’t fight, see where the storm blows you. You never know where you may end up. 

   After your Kundalini makeover you will be a manifestation magnet. Good things are going to start flowing to you. Your purpose is known and you are radiating good energy. You will also have a new sense of balance as your chakras are cleared and you understand the balances of the universe’s energies. This will give you a sense of peace that is completely new to you. You will also have become a more intelligent person in all areas as this awakening is a journey of many lessons. You may also develop your psychic abilities as your energy will be open to extrasensory perception. Your physical health may also become better as you become filled with high vibrational energy. 

   Although this all sounds great, it is suggested that you do this under a master and not alone. Did you know that many people will accidentally awaken the Kundalini? Yep, and they experience many negative symptoms that I’m not going to name because I’m not trying to manifest fear like that but if you’re going to do this do it supervised. Also if you have severe negative symptoms there is nothing wrong with seeing a doctor. This is a very advanced spiritual concept so if your soul is not ready it can be dangerous. I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has awakened their Kundalini yet. 


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2 thoughts on “Kundalini

  1. if you are in america, then yoga doesn’t necessarily equate to anything kundalini like, or for that matter in any country. i think sometimes it chooses you. yes, there are people here that know the kundalini, not necessarily through yoga because that isn’t the only method of experiencing it, but many are just too superficial.


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