Crystal Shapes

   When I first got into crystals, I didn’t take shape into account at all. If I’m being honest, sometimes I still don’t but for certain spells and things like grids it is good to have a few types of crystals in your arsenal. 

  • Generator: A generator is a six sided crystal point. These are a very popular and iconic shape. These crystals are very versatile and beautiful. These are necessary for grids and they add a punch to your spellwork. These crystals are great for concentrating and directing energy which is why they are necessary for grids. Most people place one in the middle and use one to activate the grid. With spell work the energy comes out of the point so it is a powerful direct energy. These crystals are really good for any type of manifestation or manipulation of energy because they emit a very focused energy. Programming a point or placing it on a sigil is a great way to solidify your intention and ensure that the energy stays focused. 
    • Pyramid: A pyramid is even more direct than it’s taller sister, the generator. Pyramids are another great choice for the center of grids. They are a great manifestation because of their direct flow of energy. 
  • Double Terminated: Double terminated crystals have six sided points on both ends. It is basically a double generator. While the generator just emits a concentrated energy, the double terminated shape is better for transformative work. This shape is able to transmute negativity. These are great for shadow work because they are able to transmute negative energy to positive. How it works is it absorbs the stale energy in the bottom, transmutes it to something better then it comes out the top. This property also makes it great for manifestation because manifestation is simply a transmutation of energy. When you manifest, you are changing your energy from what you are now to what you want to be. Carrying a double terminated point with the properties of your intention would be a great way to manifest.
    • Twin: twins look like two crystals stuck together and they work like a double terminated in that one takes in energy and one transmutes it. 
  • Cluster: A cluster is basically multiple crystals in one. They are typically bigger in size and point at all directions so they radiate energy throughout a space. These are great at keeping good vibes in the home and manifesting. Just match the crystal to your intention of how you want that room to feel or what you want to attract into your life. This will speed up manifestation because when attracting we want to become the vibration of what we want. Sometimes it is hard to keep that up when you’re not actively being spiritual so keeping a cluster that matches the intention can assist with maintaining a high vibration. For example, I want a malachite cluster for my living room because it has a very natural and earthy vibe to it. It is also a transformative stone that is great for attracting money. So theoretically, feeling this vibration in my home at all times is going to help me vibrate on the level of earth, and to transform into the version of me that attracts money. There is a little more to it than this but this is basically how it works.
  • Tumbled: Tumbled stones are typically small crystals that have been through a rock tumbler and have a clear coating to make them shiny. These crystals have a very even and soothing energy to them. They are cheap, versatile, and great for beginners. The smooth texture and round shape is what makes the energy so even. Shapes like points concentrate the energy in one direction while these give it off evenly from all sides. These are typically the most wallet friendly crystals because they are so small; but their small size does not make them any less magickal. Their even energy also makes them super versatile for any spell, grid, manifestation etc. They can lay flat on anything or fit in pockets for energy on the go. Their size, price, and versatility also makes them a great choice for beginners. The small size makes them easy to collect and carry. These are what I used before I had a designated shelf for crystals. As a beginner, I also liked the cheaper price because I didn’t know what to buy or how to use. Eventually everyone gets to a point where they know exactly what crystal they want but until then, tumbled stones are the way to go because you can get a bunch for the price of one large raw stone. I also think beginners need the versatility of tumbled stones because when you have a smaller collection, the more versatile pieces you have the better; or maybe you took the opposite route and got a bunch of different ones, either way you probably have something you can use for most intentions. 
  • Raw: A raw crystal means that it came straight from out of the ground to you. These tend to have a really rough shape that is often visually attractive. They carry a strong and sporadic powerful energy. These crystals come in all shapes and sizes so you will be getting a unique piece no matter what. I think that shopping for raw stones is one of the best ways to exercise intuition when finding crystals. Since they are all different, it’s easy to find the one that peaks your interest and speaks to your intuition. These crystals are great for packing a strong punch in any spell or grid
  • Geode: Geodes a sphere like rocks with a crystal inside. You can buy them and break them open to get to the gems. The quartz varieties are most commonly found in geodes. This includes quartz, amethyst, citrine and many more. Because there are so many little crystals inside the geode it is like a turned up edition of a single crystal. They are great for enhancing the energy in your space, much like a cluster. They are also great for chakra work and general healing. Having a geode for every chakra would be like having a crazy powerful chakra crystal set because instead of having one small crystal for each chakra you’d have probably hundreds. I have been meditating with a quartz geode to work with my crown and holy shit! I have had some crazy downloads, but that’s a story for another day. 
  • Palm Stone: Also known as worry stones, palm stones have a flat shape and fit in your hand. These crystals are great for meditation because you can easily hold them or place them on the body. They are also known as worry stones because holding them in the palm and rubbing them can help ease anxiety; especially if you get a calming crystal. This is due to the fact that they are a great fidgeting tool but a magick edition. I also have found these versatile enough to be interchangeable with palm stones.
  • Cube: Cubed shaped crystals are great for protection and grounding. Cubes are associated with the root chakra which is what grounds us. They are also associated with the earth element. They are also good for storing energy which makes them packed with all the good vibes.
  • Sphere: Spherical crystals are good for scrying and they carry a very even energy. Crystal balls are ideal for scrying because they have no edges and they seem endless when you peer into them. This allows for easier access to receiving downloads in your subconscious. They carry an even and balanced energy as well because spheres are a perfectly even circle. 
    • If you want to learn more about scrying click here!
  • Hearts: One the cutest crystals out there are the hearts. These are compassionate stones that are great for working with the heart chakra. It seems cliche but it’s true because when enough people believe in something it can easily come true. This is because of the energy that is given to that thing. So in this case, the heart shape is a widely known symbol of love; therefore it attracts love. It can also be used for self love and support. 

   My opinion on crystal shapes is that they definitely help and are needed for certain things like grids but I don’t think you should feel pressured to buy a million different shapes of the same crystal. One of my qualms with the spiritual community is the flexing of supplies which pressures newbies into spending a bunch of money on things they don’t really need. Remember, with all magick the real power is in your intention. Tools like crystals can help but the magick comes from within you. 


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One thought on “Crystal Shapes

  1. Regards the Mentioning of Intention, there is ‘Will and Intent” which in the metaphysics of spiritual philosophy lies behind Creation.
    Our minds are able to imagine how things should be in our will and intent, and has a power of its own.
    I am composing a blog on “Will and Intent”.


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