Bruja Coffee Review

Add a little magick to your morning!

   A while back I did a story on a wonderful small brand called Bruja Coffee Co. I love this business because it is coffee made for witches by a witch or bruja. It is Latina owned and the owner, Mercedes makes sure to support smaller women-run coffee farms in Latin America. The best part though is the magick that goes into every brew. Not only does she hand roast every bean but she charges it with energy, crystals, and more. So this coffee is the best way to bring good vibes into your day. 

   So you know I was excited when she sent me free coffee in exchange for my article. When I first saw the package I was very excited because it was bigger than just coffee. She also sent me a cute cup, her business card, and a thankyou card that is still hanging on my fridge. On her website this is listed as the “Bruja Pack” and you get 1 pound of Goddess blend and a coffee cup. 

   My first impression of the coffee was the bag which had her logo on it and “Goddess Blend” written in silver. Since I had snooped around her online shop when I started the article the Goddess blend immediately caught my eye because I love any type of Goddess vibes. It is also charged with rose quartz which I love! She also charges with pink tourmaline which is great because tourmaline holds great power and the pink one specifically is great for opening the heart, and attracting self love and/or romantic love. Then she uses prasiolite for uplifting your self esteem and repelling negativity. Finally she uses sunstone which is great for the solar plexus chakra. This crystal increases your strength and confidence for the day while harnessing the energy of the sun to give you a morning jolt. Since I finished the bag I have noticed a change in my energy as well. Right now I am not drinking charged coffee and I am not as energized and it has been easier for my vibration to lower throughout the day. This goes to show how important it is to wake up and raise your vibration and I think using charged coffee is a great way to do this.

   The coffee itself is a medium roast which I enjoy because sometimes dark roast can be too bitter for me. I got the whole bean coffee but she also has grounds. I suggest getting the whole beans because the flavor is preserved better this way. I also learned that grinding coffee beans is very satisfying so have fun with this information. The bag is sixteen ounces for $18.99 which is a little more expensive than your average grocery store coffee. If you have room for this in your budget just do it because it tastes so good! I drank normal coffee after I finished my bag and it was not the same so I will definitely be buying this again to treat myself. 

   This coffee is freshly hand roasted by Mercedes herself and she has traveled around the world learning ancient techniques for preparing coffee beans. This coffee is the best quality coffee, especially for home brewing. Most coffee companies today use machines to grind their coffee beans but Mercedes prefers to connect with the coffee by doing it by hand. She fire roasts her coffee which in my opinion is super hardcore because it’s so easy to get burnt by doing this. Coffee is her medium that she uses to put her special magick out in the universe and I think that’s a beautiful thing! So by supporting this business you are supporting something unique that you probably won’t find anywhere else. This coffee is also artisan quality which means that there is a way smoother and more complex flavor. One thing that annoys me about lower quality coffee is that it either tastes burnt or flat. This flavor has dimension (if you drink a lot of coffee you know what I mean) that you can smell before opening the bag. I spoil myself by drinking mostly craft coffee and this one is my favorite so far. 

   I think it’s important that coffee sellers ethically source their coffee. Although it’s hard to be completely sustainable in this society, every little bit counts so buying products that treat their workers with humane respect is a step in the right direction. Bruja Coffee is sourced from women ran farms in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and Peru. The farms are owned by Mercedes’ friend and the grounds have been consecrated in the name of the goddess, Hecate. She is the goddess of magic so you know this coffee is about to charged with the energy. Spoiler alert: it totally is. This coffee is also harvested at 1400 meters elevation. The beans that grow at higher elevations are harder and deliver a higher quality flavor because this allows complex sugars to form inside the bean. 

   Now that we know how the coffee is made and where it comes from, I want to get into what really sold me, the flavor. Up until recently I was pretty basic when it came to coffee. I drank my Folgers from my Keurig and got Starbucks occasionally. As I progressed on this blog I started to learn more and more about coffee. Now I consider myself a coffee brat because I only like craft coffee from coffee shops and artisan coffee that is too expensive for my budget. I mentioned this earlier but I just finished my bag of Bruja Coffee and I bought some cheap stuff from the store and I hate it. So be warned, after you drink this you will never want to go back. From the first smell of the beans you know this is going to be good. The smell starts off as a strong espresso aroma but then it fades out to a sweeter smell. This makes sense because on the website, it is described as chocolaty and sweet. Before I tasted it, I assumed it was going to be super strong tasting and bitter but I was very wrong. The taste was that of a delightful medium roast. It kept that chocolaty taste and was perfectly sweet. Even with added cream it had a distinct taste. I was supposed to write this review a long time ago but my life has been crazy lately and I wanted to do the coffee and Mercedes’ generosity justice. I am also glad I waited because I didn’t realize just how good this coffee tastes until I had to go back to my cheap stuff. After tasting this sweet and buttery blend the regular stuff just tastes bitter and flat. Even when I sweeten the cheap coffee and add cream it is still not the same. 

   I’m sure you could already tell but I 100000000000% recommend that you try this coffee. Whether you’re a witch or you just really like coffee it is so worth the price. Not only are you getting an energy boost and supporting an amazing small business but you are getting the highest quality of product. Mercedes puts her heart and soul into every bean and it shows. Before drinking this and switching back to my cheap coffee I never realized how much of a difference there is between artisan coffee and cheap coffee. This coffee literally changed my whole view on coffee. So run, don’t walk to her website and try it yourself. Just be warned, you will be addicted!

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