The Demiurge

   This post is going to be very controversial because it goes against a lot of people’s beliefs. So if you get offended by controversial religious theories just leave now. I also don’t necessarily believe in this one but I think it’s fun to look into it. I actually got this idea when I went down a Tiktok rabbit hole during the ice storm. 

   So the main premise of the Demiurge Idea is that the Hebrew God isn’t the real creator but he created our world because he thought he was the creator. Yeah. Weird. This idea actually originated in ancient Greek philosophy with Plato. Plato thought that the Demiurge took chaos and made it into form which is the physical world we live in. Then some of the Gnostics took the term and ran with it. They see the Demiurge as evil and that’s why our world has so many problems. This differs from Plato because Plato did not view him as evil. His explanation of the world’s problem comes from the idea that he had to create from chaos. 

   Plato saw the Demiurge as a second creator but not the big G. O. D. that people like to worship. The Demiurge was created by the big God in order to bring order to the chaos that was the universe. Plato even knew about the Gnostic teachings that the Demiurge was evil and wrote in opposition to them. Plato saw Zeus as the Demiurge and believed that there was a god higher than Zeus. 

   On the Gnostic side, they saw the Demiurge as opposing to the real God. Some believed that the Demiurge was malevolent and wanted to have his own divine world. Then others believe that he was ignorant and tried to create a world but it turned out flawed since he wasn’t meant to create. The latter is what is most commonly believed. 

   With the Gnostics that believed the Demiurge was evil, they thought he was tyrant and called him Ialdabaoth or the son of chaos. They believed that he created man but was jealous because we have divinity in our souls. In the Adam and Eve story, it is thought that the Demiurge wanted to limit our knowledge of the divine. This is why they weren’t allowed to eat from the tree of knowledge. They also thought that the Demiurge had Jesus crucified in fear of him spreading the truth about the real God. 

   But how or why was the Demiurge created? Why would Source make a whole separate “source?” According to Gnostic myths, Sophia or Wisdom, an aspect of the divine wanted to create something apart from divine totality. However she did it without tradition from God and it created a monster. Then, ashamed of what she had done, she wrapped him in a cloud and gave him his own throne within the cloud… his own world. In isolation, he thought that he was the only being so he created our world. There are different teachings than this but they all have the concept of a second creator. 

   For the Gnostics that believed the Demiurge was evil they called him the Satan of Gnosticism. They see him as an arrogant fool who created the world against the wishes of God. Because of this, they see all material things as bad and all spiritual things as good. 

Tiktok- How I came across this:

   I came across this concept during the freak ice storm back in February. There was nothing to do so I went down a Tiktok rabbit hole after a girl’s video on it went viral. So now I’m going to summarize what she said because she had some interesting ideas about it! I will have her profile linked below so you can check it out! She also has other interesting and spiritual videos.

   In the first video she introduces the concept as a download that her friend got from a spirit guide. The guide said that the Christian God was in jail because he was straying humans from source. So she decided to do research and while watching a video, she found out about the Demiurge. She then said that people often get lost in the Demiurge because they believe that this is the true reality. This is interesting to me because it reminds me of the 5d shift. 

   In the second video she compares the Demiurge to the movie, The Matrix because everyone just goes about their lives without questioning the Demiurge. In the Matrix/our world there is a lot of suffering and in the movie, the AI benefits from the humans suffering but in the physical reality it would be the Demiurge benefiting. I think that this is also interesting because not only does it remind of 5d but if you read my Gateway article you would know that we basically live in a matrix. Then she explains that some people think the Demiurge is evil and purposely tricks us into worshiping him but the theory she liked more was the one where he is just ignorant. Then she says that since the Demiurge was lost when he created us, this is why we get lost in the illusion as well. Although I don’t really believe in the Demiurge, I did really like the last point she made in the second video. She said that as long as we believe that this reality is the only reality, the longer we will stay enslaved to the illusion. This resonated so hard because it is one of the main concepts of spirituality!

   In the third video she states her opinion on the Demiurge and I usually try to keep articles like these neutral but she makes some interesting points. When she first found out about this theory it was from a friend who’s guide told her that the Christian God was in a cosmic jail for leading humans astray from the true source. She thought that it was interesting because of all the evil in the world right now. On the other hand, a lot more people are becoming spiritual which she thinks is truly connecting with source. Then with the idea of being trapped in a false reality she talks about how death is natural but everyone is afraid of it. She says that we are afraid of death because we are so attached to the physical reality. 

   A couple videos later (I’m skipping a couple because I already touched on it). In this video she is talking about a book called “The Gospel of Judas.” This book was written a hundred years after Jesus died so it was not written by Judas but it is basically a collection of stories that didn’t make it into the bible. Anyways, in this story Jesus walks up to the disciples who are praying over bread and laughs at them. Confused, the disciples ask why he is laughing because wouldn’t Jesus want them to pray? He then explains to them that they are not praying because they want to, but only because they think it will please their God. This implies that they are worshipping a different god than the one that brought Jesus to Earth. So the confused disciples say “but aren’t you the son of our God?” Then Jesus replies, “How do you know me? No generation of the people among you will ever know me.”

   The next video is a part two of the first one with another story from the gospel of Judas. In this story, Jesus is having a conversation with Judas and he says, “I will teach you about the mysteries that no man has ever seen or will see. There is a realm that no angel has laid eyes on and there, lies a great invisible spirit that no one has ever felt and cannot be called on by any name.” Then he explains that the great spirit created other powerful deities, then something happened. Next Jesus says that there is a being that created mankind named Saklas. Many scholars translated Saklas to the word “fool.” So he is basically saying that the humans are worshipping the wrong god. 

   I feel like I just took everyone on a rollercoaster with this one! Personally I don’t really believe in this one as much as my other “religion conspiracy” stories but I thought it was a super interesting topic! I also live for stories like this that make you think. One thing that the girl on Tiktok said that I want to leave you with is this: If this story makes you uncomfortable, that’s fine. It’s your brain adjusting and pondering new ideas. So let me know what you think in the comments!


Tiktok: Dana 🦋✨ (@abundantvibes) TikTok | Watch Dana 🦋✨’s Newest TikTok Videos

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