Sacred Geometry

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  Our universe is made up of many things like matter and energy. What isn’t talked about enough but is very important in life as we know it is how these things are organized. Have you ever noticed that an atom is arranged a lot like the solar system? Or that the double helix shape of our DNA is also the shape of galaxies? This is not a coincidence, it’s sacred geometry.

   Sacred geometry is the pattern that makes up the universe. The word geometry actually means “Earth measure” and it is another thing that shows how connected everything is. Have you ever noticed how the branches of a tree look a lot like our veins? Anything and everything is one and sacred geometry is no exception. This is also a manifestation of the universal law of divine oneness. 

   Another universal law that sacred geometry highlights is the law of correspondence. This law states that the smaller reflects the larger or the inner reflects the outer. Have you ever noticed that an eye looks a lot like a black hole? 

   In school when we learn geometry it is taught in a very left brain and logical fashion. In actuality it is a right brain, intuitive, and creative! I always hated math when I was in school but for some reason I was drawn to geometry. I didn’t know it yet but it was probably because of its connection to the metaphysical world. Sacred geometry combines the mathematical left brain with the intuitive right brain to create magick. What differentiates sacred geometry from high school geometry is the meanings behind the patterns. In school it was, “hey solve this pattern for absolutely no reason and then do it 20 more times.” In sacred geometry there is the obvious connection between pattern and the mysteries of the universe. It adds a quantitative aspect to things usually viewed as immeasurable while adding a qualitative aspect to math. 

   Sacred geometry has been observed since the beginning of time as time is a form of sacred geometry. The ancient master builders also used geometry so complex in their buildings that it is hard to replicate it today. Some examples of this are the megalithic structures of ancient Europe and the pyramids of Egypt. It is believed in most religions across the world that geometry is the blueprint for the universe. In a Christian sense God would be the great architect of the world. This idea was believed by St. Augustine, Pythagoras, and Plato. St. Augustine even said, “Numbers are the thoughts of God.” Why do you think angel numbers exist? Because God, the universe or whatever you call it communicates in numbers. Galileo knew this as well and said, “mathematics is the alphabet in which God created the universe.” There are many more quotes similar to this said by great architects in history. 

   Another principle of sacred geometry is that there are only straight lines and arcs. This is also known as vectors and scalers. If you think of the world as a drawing, there would only be straight lines and arcs that meet at different angles. This is another manifestation of the law of correspondence; when I go and draw a picture there are also only straight lines and arcs. The small is reflecting the big. Life imitates art and sacred geometry explains this in a literal sense. When an artist creates visually they are using the same lines that God or source etc. uses. This also means that the moment an artist puts their pencil to paper it is energetically charged.

   In art, there are many depictions of God as a geometrician. In Proverbs chapter 8 verse 22 God is described as “Setting his compass on the face of the deep.” God is also depicted as a geometrician in the medieval bibles. So I invite you to explore sacred geometry. I want you to grab some paper, a sharp pencil, and a compass and just start creating. Just use your intuition and draw. Don’t think about it too much, just let your hand guide itself along the paper. When you’re done, ask yourself if the pattern seems familiar. Maybe it is seen in nature. Remember life imitates art. 

God as a geometrician GodAsGeometrician.jpg (676×400) (

   The compass is also symbolic. If you read my Gateway article, you know about the universal hologram and how we perceive the universe. Long story short, there is infinite energy and energy in motion. The infinite energy (known as the absolute) is not in motion and transcends space and time. The energy in motion creates the holograms that we perceive. With the compass, the center of the compass is the absolute as it does not move and doesn’t draw lines. Then the part with the pencil is the hologram as it is creating lines. Here is yet another correspondence between the small parts of life and the universe as a whole. This also shows that something is created from nothing. In the center of the compass is a single point that is not drawn on the paper. Instead, lines and circles are drawn coming out of the point. 

   In many religions and symbols around the world, creation comes from nothing. In the Bible, there is the parable of the mustard seed. What this says is that the seed itself is nothing but when it is sown it creates great herbs. Another example of this is in the Hebrew alphabet the tenth letter, Yod is created to look like a dot or comma. This is because all of the other letters in the alphabet are created from Yod. If you look at all the letters you will find Yod in them. Then in astrology (and a lot of other places) there is the sun symbol which is a dot surrounded by a circle. This symbol also means unity. Doesn’t it look like a circle drawn with a compass? The dot in the middle is the great nothing and the circle around it is everything. 

   One thing in common between all these symbols is a center point of nothing. With the mustard seed, the seed itself is that point of nothing while the roots and herb is the creation. Then, all of the Hebrew alphabet is created from Yod. Then with the sun symbol, it literally depicts this center point and the line around it. This type of sacred geometry of creation also shows the universal law of polarity. For everything there is nothing. For light there is darkness. Etc. 

   Although these ideas are ancient they are actually becoming more relevant in modern science. One of Steven Hawking’s major achievements was proving this idea of singularity. When using the equations of general relativity in their classical form he proved that at the birth of the universe there had to be a point of singularity. This concept of singularity is also seen in black holes. When a black hole sucks something up, it condenses it down to a single point. Some scientists also believe that black holes can create new universes but nobody knows for sure. Black holes are very evocative of the principles of our universe because they illustrate sacred geometry in their singularity; therefore elucidating the law of oneness, and they show the law of correspondence by destroying creation rather than creating (or as some scientists believe, creating and destroying). 

   So to summarize, sacred geometry is the patterns that create the universe. It connects everyone and everything through correspondence. It is a quantitative way to explain qualitative concepts. Sacred geometry has been observed since the beginning of time and is really the blueprint for creation as it is believed that divinity communicates in numbers. It shows us that life really does imitate art because creating art is just like the creation of the universe on a smaller scale. It all uses lines, curves, and points to make something come to life. Which brings me to my next point: everything starts in a single point of nothingness. This is depicted in religion, art, and now science. 

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