The Aries Starbucks Drink!

   If you didn’t already know, I recently created a Tiktok for The Coffee Witch (which you can follow below). One of the reasons I decided to get on “witchtok” was to do more fun, everyday, and lighthearted content. To be honest, running a blog is so time consuming that it gets monotonous. So doing these fun little videos on Tiktok is like a break but I’m still making content.

   That being said, I am starting a series of getting Starbucks drinks that represent the zodiac signs. Naturally I started with Aries. Sadly the barista didn’t put the sticker with the ingredients on the cup so I can’t tell you what to order. What I can tell you is that it tasted like a strawberry banana smoothie but more tart. It was also bright pink with a light pink foam on top that would stir into the drink and look really cool! So without further adieu, check out the Aries drink on my Tiktok!

PS, let me know what drinks you want to see next in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The Aries Starbucks Drink!

  1. That looks good! I know Aquarius season has come and gone, but let me know when you get to that one! I’m always at Starbucks, so I’d like to try my sun sign’s drink.

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