Is Your Pet… Psychic?!

   As a little girl I used to watch disney princess movies and one thing that most of the princesses could do was talk to animals. I was the kid that would chase butterflies and try to talk to squirrels and I was convinced that one day they would reply. Since becoming a witch and practicing psychic abilities I have learned that it is possible to talk to animals, just not verbally. 

   Since animals don’t have a language like we do, many psychics believe that they communicate telepathically. Humans also have the ability to do this but it has been turned off over thousands of years of not practicing. So to communicate with your animal you have to practice tapping into this psychic ability that we all have. 

   Telepathy can be defined as communication between two beings without the use of the five senses. There are many ways that telepathic communication can manifest. First there is through physical sensation. This could be spontaneous hunger, pain, or illness with no cause. Then there is emotional which is feeling emotions that aren’t necessarily yours. This is what empaths do. Then the most common manifestation is mental which comes in visualizations through the mind’s eye. 

   With pet communication, visualization is most important. As humans, we take what we see and communicate it to those around us with words. Animals see the same things we do but they don’t have word so they communicate visually. 

   Another thing about animals is that they are often more psychically sensitive than humans. They can sense when we’re sick or even when something is wrong emotionally. This is because they can sense the change in our aura. 

   So how do we communicate with our fur babies on this deep level? Well the first step is to quiet the mind. Then you need to kind of filter out your thoughts to allow the animal to communicate. They use images and visual stories so any thought that isn’t visual is probably just your mind. You will also need to communicate through pictures. Lay next to your pet and visualize your pet’s favorite toy or something that will draw them to you. One way they may communicate to you at first is through body language. For example, when you send them an image of their toy they may perk up. This is a great way to test whether or not they are getting your message. They may not get it on the first try but that’s okay, just keep practicing. 

   Once they get the message and you have made that connection, try to pick up on their emotions and receive their images. Try not to create wishful visions about your pet, instead just relax and allow them to come to you. At first it’s hard to tell if it’s a download or just a thought but that’s okay, just follow your intuition. Pay attention to any feelings that pop up as this may be an indicator of your pet’s feelings. 

   It is best to start with communicating with your own pets but once you get good, you can start communicating with other animals. You can even communicate from far distances as everyone and everything is connected. Although cats are the most psychic animals, dogs are best in the beginning because they are more social. They are also pack animals and you (human) would be considered the alpha. It is also possible to communicate with smaller animals like reptiles and birds but it is a little more difficult. 


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