The Legend of Lemuria

   Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with this one. This is another more theoretical piece so enjoy the story and let me know what you think in the comments. The lost civilization of Lemuria is a legend that lies in the Akashic Records and there is even a little bit of scientific evidence to back it up. 


 In the 1800’s scientists believed that Lemuria existed and that the people there were one of our ancestors. It was also believed that they were the ancestors of lemurs as well. That is actually where Lemuria gets its name as they used it to explain the fact that there were lemur fossils in Madagascar, India, and Africa. It was thought that Lemurs originated in Madagascar so how did they cross the ocean to India and Africa? Because there used to be a continent between them of course! Now keep in mind, these theories were created before the continental drift was widely accepted so land bridge theories were prevalent in this time period. It was also believed that this place was a hearth for humanity, a paradise continent. Back in the 1800’s they believed that humans originated in Asia and migrated to Africa so Lemuria explained this migration. 

   These theories began to fall apart when it was discovered that humans are actually from Africa. Then, modern plate tectonics debunked this by proving the continental drift theory. However Lemuria stayed relevant as occultists still believed in it and it was the subject of many novels and movies. So obviously modern science debunked Lemuria until…

   In 2013 Granite was discovered under the Indian ocean, exactly where Lemuria would have been. It was also believed that the Lemurian plate was made of granite prior to this discovery so this brought Lemuria back into the spotlight. This granite was under a shelf that extended over 100 miles towards an island called mauritius. On this island they found zircon that dated back to three million years ago. According to plate tectonics, this island should be only 2 million years old. So then the scientists theorized that the zircon was from a lost continent! Sadly they did not call it Lemuria but named it Mauritia. According to plate tectonics and geography, Maritia is about 84 million years old. 

   The one theory that is for sure debunked (well for now) is about the evolution of Lemurs because it turns out they actually swam from Africa to Madagascar. There is no evidence for or against there being a race of ancient humans so it could be true. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Map of Lemuria from Debbie Solaris


   Now for the spiritual side of this theory and buckle up because it’s about to get a little crazy up in here. First of all, if you are familiar with the legends of Atlantis then you will like this because this civilization was said to live prior to and during that of Atlantis. At the peak of their civilization the Lemurians were said to be very evolved and spiritual. They vibrated so high that Lemuria is often referred to as paradise in the spiritual community. This is also because it was located in a real tropical paradise known now as the Indian ocean. Another strange thing about Lemuria is A LOT of people feel connected to it for some unknown reason. It’s like they just know it’s real. Some spiritualists also believe that the Lemurian energy expanded beyond the Lemurian plate but that this energy ruled the southern Pacific as well. It is also believed that many of the islands there still hold this paradise energy. Not only was Lemuria a high vibe place but many psychics believe that the first wave of starseeds lived there. Because of this many people think that they had a past life there. 

   All around the world there are legends of a great flood that happened millions of years ago. From the Bible to the Sumerian artifacts it seems all the ancients tell a flood story. This flood is what many spiritualists theorize brought about the demise of Lemuria. Some believe that the Lemurians were shapeshifters so when this happened many of them shapeshifted into whales, dolphins, and maybe even mermaids. Others could have gone underground as it is believed that there is a Lemurian civilization under Mt. Shasta in California. Some tried to integrate with the rest of the planet and became the ancient stone people. 

   It is thought that Lemurians became the spiritual healers of the world and many shamans, witches, light workers etc. believe that they had a past life on Lemuria. When Lemuria sank, the Lemurians wanted to pass down their wisdom so if Lemuria is real, that could explain why many religions have similar stories; because what if they all came from the same place? Some also thought that they encoded their ancient knowledge into crystals and this could be why crystals are so important to spiritualists. 

   So where do starseeds come into the picture, or even Atlantis? According to one of my favorite channelers, Debbie Solaris, Earth was an experiment to see if the systems used on the paradise planet, Avalon could work here too. The aliens that came here were very spiritual and knew the concepts of divine feminine and masculine. So the ones who wanted to cultivate divine masculine incarnated in Atlantis and the ones who wanted to cultivate divine feminine incarnated on Lemuria. According to Solaris, there were more Atlantians which could explain why our societies today are much more masculine. Many lightworkers theorize that once we can integrate the ideals of the two civilizations we will figure out the Avalon template and experience that paradise energy. Apparently, this is what Merlin and King Arthur tried to achieve in the dark ages but humans weren’t evolved enough yet. It is also theorized that Merlin was an extraterrestrial but that’s a subject for another day. 

   Lemuria was the only 5d civilization as it integrated feminine energy and spiritual concepts through intention and not technology. Solaris states that it was founded by the Acturian and Andromedans but it was also inhabited by the Pleiadians, Lyrans, Sirius A, Annunauki, and Ursa Minor. Lemuria thrived as these ancient starseeds explored spirituality and the divine feminine in paradise. 

   Downfall came when there was a great war with Atlantis and Lemuria was destroyed. Atlantis used technology and masculine values to evolve so Lemuria was no match as they had limited technology. When Lemuria fell, the Earth fell into the 3d state that we are finally beginning to escape today. 

   So that is the legend of Lemuria. I find this story interesting because there is scientific evidence to back it up. Discovering Lemuria was really a catalyst for me in reading more on spirituality and ultimately starting this blog so I really wanted to share as much as I could on it. To learn more about Lemuria I will have my sources at the bottom so you can discover it for yourself. I also want to know what you think about Lemuria. Do you think it really existed, could you have had a past life there? Let me know in the comments! 



Science behind Lemuria: Lemuria: The Fabled Lost Continent That Turned Out To Be Real — Almost (

The article that read the first time I discovered Lemuria: Have you had a past life in Lemuria? | Rebecca Campbell

Debbie Solaris Article: Earth Experiment | Debbie Solaris


4 thoughts on “The Legend of Lemuria

  1. I’m trying to picture what a lemurian would actually look like lol

    In all seriousness though, this reminded me of a TikTok I just saw! It was more so conspiracy about how lost cities found underwater were never above water, and it connected that theory to the belief in mermaids and a species of humans that live underwater (like you had mentioned). It’s most definitely interesting to think about since we’ve only explored 5% of the earth’s oceans, and I wonder if there’s any scientific backing on that, too. I’ve also been seeing a lot of TikToks on starseeds and 5d, so this legend has also peaked my interest!

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