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   Glamour magick is a great way to boost your mood and feel good about yourself! You have probably been doing it without even knowing! Every day when we get dressed we are doing glamour magick. The definition of glamour magick is Using your aura or appearance to change the energies around you to achieve the outcome you desire. So this means that the difference between rolling out of bed every day and putting everyone you meet under your spell is intention. 

   We all have those mornings where we barely roll out of bed on time, show up to work in a random dirty sweatshirt, and grab a coffee on the way. Then there are those mornings where our hair is done, our clothes are nice, and we feel really good. It’s usually those days that good things come to us. I used to think it was a coincidence but now I know it’s intention. Before I really get into what this means, I have a story of the first time I really manifested anything and it involved A LOT of glamour magick. It was my junior year of high school and I was always in my best friend’s shadow socially and no boys liked me, I was basically invisible and sad. To an adult none of this matters but to a teen that’s their life. So I decided that I was gonna become that bitch. So I started doing affirmations, listening to more positive music, and making sure that I got dressed up every day. I thought to myself, would I be okay if I died in this outfit? Then slowly but surely, more people became interested in me and I didn’t really change how I looked. I just changed how I saw myself and then everyone else saw me that way too… It’s almost like I controlled my reality. Before this point, I would roll out of bed before school every day, listen to sad music all the time, and I just felt bad about myself. Then when I set the intention to better myself that’s when I saw change. 

   So intention is the most important aspect in all magick but especially in glamour magick. I can autopilot through my morning routine and still feel okay throughout the day. Then some mornings I am able to slow down and really put the intention of feeling and looking good out there. So to really do glamour magick you have to set the intention, put in the work for the look you want to present, then work with the energies around you throughout the day. The thing I have also noticed when doing glamour magick is that there are elaborate rituals and spells that you can do for bigger things like job interviews or seduction and then there’s little daily things that I mentioned above like affirmations. Other effective ways to set intention include vision boards and journaling. 

   For me, I wish I had time to do big glamour rituals all the time but I am a very busy person so I just try to incorporate magick into my getting ready routine. So first of all, I need music. I have found that what I listen to can kind of define my life. This is because when you listen to lyrics all the time they become kind of like an affirmation. In the story I told above, I used to listen to sad music and I was sad all the time and no one liked me. Then I started listening to more positive music and things started to change. So create a playlist of positive songs with a good beat to kick off the morning. Then I know that we are all tempted to throw on that t-shirt and walk out the door but think about what energy you want to give off at work. Do you want to seem lazy and tired? Probably not. What about smart or stylish? Pick an outfit based on what you want to give off. This is also a great time for color magick. For me I like to give off put together but also hippie witch vibes so today I am wearing a black floral bell sleeve shirt, jeans, heeled booties, a cute belt, and my amethyst necklace. That brings me to my next point of incorporating witch tools into your outfits or routine. I usually either wear or carry crystals that fit the vibe of the day and carry my tarot cards. Other things you can carry include mini sigils, runes, written affirmations etc.

So now that I’m dressed it’s time for skincare, hair, and makeup. I think that skincare is a great place for beauty magick because it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. So I really like using products with rose for the skin benefits and the metaphysical benefits. Rose is a symbol of beauty so when I use these products I incorporate the intention of clear skin and beauty. For example, when I spray my rosewater I repeat the affirmation “I have clear skin.” So when you do skincare, find some affirmations, preferable for skin to repeat them to yourself as you do it. It may take time but it does work.

Then with hair when you brush it or put product in you can say “I have long, healthy hair.” If you want to get really witchy with it, you could even write a sigil on your hair brush. You can also pay attention to what’s in your products and find ingredients that are good for your hair’s physical health and have goo metaphysical meaning.

   Makeup is where it gets fun because this is where you can physically change your appearance to get a certain outcome. I like to incorporate color magick here because I love doing bold and bright makeup. Makeup is important in glamour magick because there are so many steps that you can add intention to. For example, before you blend in your concealer you can draw sigils on your face with it and then blend them in. My craft is very Venusian so I really like to call on Venus to help me when I want to look really good or if I’m feeling under the weather. You can really incorporate intention into every part of your makeup routine through affirmation. For example with highlighter  you could say “I draw attention every time I walk in the room” to assert your power that day. So if you are trying to get into glamour magick do not let your makeup routine go to waste. 

   So far I have just gone over little things you can do to incorporate glamour magick but what about when you need a bigger outcome? This is where full glamour spells and rituals come in. One of my favorite ways to do glamour spells is with a ritual bath. Ritual baths are awesome because they kind of cleanse and charge you at the same time. One big aspect of ritual baths is cleansing the negative energy from the person, then the ingredients you put in will be simultaneously charging you. They are also super versatile as you can do a ritual bath for just about anything you want. You can also add virtually whatever you want to the bath. I love them for glamour specifically because you feel like a queen when you do it and what is more glam than that? The glamour ritual bath that I did was from one of my favorite spiritual youtubers, Stargirl the Practical Witch so I’ll link her video below. 

   One last energetic beauty hack is to carry a charm. This charm can be an object, jewelry, a mojo bag. Just something you can carry that reminds you of the bad bitch you are. For me I have a rose quartz worry stone that I can rub. To make the bag you will need a tiny bag (duh), St. John’s wort, lavender, spearmint, rose quartz, rose oil, rose incense, and a safety pin (optional). Make sure to cleanse your space and the bag. Then use the rose incense to begin to charge the bag with your intention. As the smoke travels in and out of the bag state the intention. Then hold the herbs in your hand and charge them with your energy/intention. Then hold your rose quartz in your hand and charge it as well. Finally put a few drops of the oil in and concentrate on the intention while you do that. Then the optional step with the safety pin is to pin it to the inside of your clothes so that you are wearing the bag. 

   Like everything else in our universe, glamour magick is still subject to the law of polarity; so there is a dark side to it. If you are just working with affirmations to be a better version of yourself then that’s fine. Problems arise when you try to become someone else. So before you start working with glamours ask yourself if you are enhancing your strengths or trying to steal someone else’s power for yourself. Not only is keeping up an act annoying and exhausting, intuitive people will see right through it. 

   Al glamour magick is is manipulating the way people see you using your appearance and energy. It is almost like faking it till you make it because in the beginning the confidence you give yourself with glamour magick may seem like just magic but really you are manifesting that into your life. Remember, with glamour you are not going through a physical change but gaining an inner coincidence that is so bright that it shines through your insecurities. 

Ritual Bath Video


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