Protective Magick

   Protection is one of the most important things to consider when getting into magick and witchcraft. It should be one of the first things you learn as a baby witch. Whether you are divinely protected or prefer to do some precautionary magick just in case, protection is a must. 

   First, what does it mean to be divinely protected? This means that you have been blessed with protection from your deities, guides, or whatever divine energy you subscribe to. I still think that it is important to do protection magick even if you are divinely protected but to each his own. Also protection magick will give you an extra layer of protective energy.

   Before I really get into it, why is protection magick even necessary? When we do magick our energies are interacting with energies from other dimensions to transform our reality. Not all these energies are friendly so a little protection blocks these negative energies. It is even more important for psychics because sometimes we struggle to “turn off” the connection to the other side. This can cause us to get unwanted downloads and be affected by unwanted energies. Psychics are also like beacons for spirits so they always need another level of protection. 

   I have a few ways that I like to protect myself that are pretty simple. There are about a million different ways to protect yourself but these are what I do. My first method is casting a circle. I usually use this method when I am entering an unfamiliar place, particularly one that is haunted. I also typically do this before major spellwork. So all you have to do is call on the energies from all corners of the Earth and the elements. Then if you have guides or deities you can call on them as well. I love this method because it’s super quick, easy, and you don’t need any tools to do it. 

   Another super quick way to protect yourself is to shield. For this all you have to do is visualize a protective aura of light around you. This is something that all psychics should be doing as we are magnets for all energies. 

   Yet another way that I frequently protect myself is by carrying protective crystals around. I usually have a black tourmaline in my car or on me because it’s great for not only safety on the road but for shielding your aura. A rule of thumb that I use when picking protective stones is that usually the black ones are protective because black absorbs negative energy. So if you’re unsure on which stone to choose just pick a black one. This trick is also great for empaths because we pick up on other people’s energies and the stone will help block them. Hematite is another great protective stone. Right now there is a trend of buying a hematite ring and seeing how much negativity it can absorb before it breaks. I have never done this but if you have, let me know how it went! My friend also told me a story where someone had hematite in their car when they got in a bad wreck. They were fine but the hematite was broken. So go get you some black crystals.

   I also like to draw protective sigils! I haven’t talked about sigils in a while but sigil magick is one of my favorite things because it’s so personal and simple. Sigils are literally just drawings that you assign meaning to. So I could draw a smiley face on my hand right now and say it’s my protection sigil. There are many methods to making sigils as well so just find one you like. Although you can find sigils online, I like to make my own because adding the personal aspect to the magick makes it more powerful. Sigils are also a great way for my artsy witches to get creative!

   You can also create a protection amulet. An amulet is something that you carry around that repels something while a talisman attracts. The reason protective objects are considered amulets is because they are deflecting the negativity. Most of the time amulets are jewelry so I would suggest choosing something with protective properties already to give it an extra punch. This could be a hematite ring, a tourmaline necklace, quartz earrings etc. To do this, you will first cast your circle, then light white and or black candles as black is a protective color and white is pure and versatile. Then light your choice of protective incense and let the smoke interact with the object. I like to meditate with my object to lock the intention in, then charge it with my hands. Again, this is just what I do so you can make your own method or find one online that you like. 

   My last go to protection method is making mojo bags. A mojo bag is literally just a spell in a bag so it’s another quick and easy way to be protected on the go. There are recipes for protection bags online but once you get experienced in making things like this you will be able to just know the ingredients you need. My recipe is: a black crystal (I use hematite or black tourmaline), cloves, eggshells, black salt, 1 bay leaf, rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil, and tea tree oil. I also use palo santo and sandalwood incense to cleanse and add energy to the bag. 


Protection Magick: Why And How It Is Useful In Everyday Life | Gwyn (


9 thoughts on “Protective Magick

  1. Great info! TikTok is the one I have to credit for my new found interest in crystals and witchcraft (lol of all things!). I actually just bought a pyrite ring mostly because it’s supposed to bring wealth, but also because it’s used for protection according to my research. My friend also just bought hematite because she found that it’s good for protection against negative energy, and she also mentioned how it’s meant to break at some point which I think is so interesting! I kind of just want to buy one to see when it breaks or cracks.

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      1. Nice! I’ll check it out! I also heard about moldavite which can really kick your butt (if I remember correctly), but I’m curious about that one, too lol.

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