Astral Projection

   Have you ever had a dream where you woke up in your house but then you could see yourself asleep in the bed? You just astral projected. We actually astral project every time we dream, we just don’t know it or remember. Consciously astral projecting can be a very fun and interesting thing to experimentContinue reading “Astral Projection”

Money-making Malachite

   Malachite is a beautiful green money maker crystal. If you want to attract prosperity while balancing your heart chakra, then malachite is for you. Not only is it good for the mind, soul, and material world but it is also pretty. A tumbled malachite has beautiful, hypnotic, green swirls covering it. Then the raw stoneContinue reading “Money-making Malachite”

Celestial Witches

   There are a few different categories of witchcraft and although I don’t like putting people in boxes, I do like having a name to identify with. It’s just human nature to try and classify everything. I have previously gone over the kitchen witch so today I am going over the celestial witch.     The celestial witchesContinue reading “Celestial Witches”

Why You Are No Better Than Anyone Else

In the witch and spiritual community there is sometimes gatekeeping, clickbait, and judging. Sometimes these are just jokes and yes I laugh at the jokes… sue me. But sometimes it’s a little too serious. These attitudes are the opposite of what we stand for so it makes me so angry when I see this. OnContinue reading “Why You Are No Better Than Anyone Else”

How to Coffee Witch

There is a magick for everything and since this blog is literally called “The Coffee Witch” I thought that I should explore the topic of coffee magick. I have stuck my little toe in the pond that is coffee magick by charging my coffee with intention, creating my “Be La Bruja” story and by buyingContinue reading “How to Coffee Witch”

Soul Connections

Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected or like you already know them? You may have a soul connection. There are many types of soul connections but the main three are soulmates, twin flames, and karmic relationships. Each of these connections are different and provide unique experiences.     First I want to go overContinue reading “Soul Connections”