Crystal Grids

   When you first get into crystals you probably see pictures of them set up in these complicated designs. These are often circular in nature and set up on a board. These are called crystal grids. 

   A basic definition of crystal grid is simply crystals laid out in a way that amplifies intention. Although there are complicated crystal grids that have been used for centuries, just placing certain crystals in certain places with purpose and intention makes a simple grid. By using a grid, your intention is amplified as this allows the crystals to work together. Many times these grids are sacred geometry; so by using them you are combining the power of crystals, sacred geometry, and your intention. By combining all of these energies in a coherent way that the universe and your mind understands, you are able to manifest more effectively and much faster. 

   Although you are free to get as creative as you want with crystal grids, there are a few guidelines to help you grid effectively. First you are going to want to write down your goal or intention. The next essential piece of a crystal grid is the centerpiece. The most popular stone for this is a quartz point as points generate energy and quartz amplifies energies. Quartz is also super versatile so when in doubt, quartz it out. Then it is good to have tumbled stones that match your intention. They don’t really have to be tumbled but tumbled stones are good in grids because they have a really even energy. They are also cheaper so I always have tumbled stones. You then need another quartz point to activate the grid as quartz will amplify all the stones. Then an optional but effective tool is a crystal grid plate as these designs are powerful sacred geometry that will give your grid a punch. 

   Before setting up the grid make sure you have a specific intention, the correct crystals that correspond to your intention, and have cleansed your space. The first step to creating the grid is writing down the intention and placing it in the center of the grid. Psychologically, we are 42% more likely to achieve a goal that is written down. Writing down goals also assists in manifestation because when an intention is just a thought, our subconscious mind does not view it as something that exists. When we write it down though, our subconscious is able to realize that it’s a real thing since writing is something physically tangible that we can understand. The first step to manifesting is bringing your intentions out of your mind and into the physical world so a great way to do this is by writing. Then have a quiet moment with yourself where you speak your intention, visualize it, and take a few deep breaths. This helps you focus your energy as you create the grid. When placing the crystals, start from the outside and move in. Keep focus on your intention as you create the grid. Finally, place the center crystal on top of the written intention. Lastly to activate the grid, use your other quartz point and connect the dots between each crystal. Now that the grid is created, you can add more magick to the intention like sigils, candle magick, etc. The recommended time for crystal grids to work is about a month so 21-40 days. 

   Crystal grids are as powerful as they are beautiful. They contain immeasurable amounts of old and powerful energy. The crystals themselves have been around for thousands or millions of years, watching our history, and charging within the Earth. This is why crystals often contain lessons as they know the problems humans face and they also contain the power to help us solve these problems. Then the sacred geometry that structures the crystal grid is very old magick that is seen everywhere in ancient art to today whether you notice it or not. When seeing mandalas, certain maps, artwork, and more, many of these contain the sacred geometry of the past. Many didn’t even do it on purpose. The sacred geometry is from our life force so when we use this, our power is amplified. Combining the power of the crystals with this sacred art can bring power that you didn’t even realize you had.


How to Make Your Own Crystal Grid – Energy Muse


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