Yesterday, I went over the iconic crystal ball so today I want to introduce another iconic occult object: the pendulum. A pendulum is a super simple object made of a string and a heavy bead that will swing. Pendulums work by answering questions by swinging a certain way. The only drawback is that they are mostly just for yes or no questions. So when I use my pendulum I usually say, “right for yes, left for no.” 

   Most of the pendulums that you would buy in a store are made on a chain with a triangular shaped crystal on the bottom that will swing. If you are a broke witch (like I was) you can create your own from a string and any object heavy enough to swing. I used to use a random string with hair clip attached to the end. Then you just hold it over your hand as it swings. Another optional piece of equipment that I like to use is a pendulum board. These boards have at least the words “yes” and “no” on them if not other responses. This is how your pendulum will communicate with you. To use the board you just hold your pendulum over the board, ask questions, and then it will swing towards the answer. I usually just make my board out of a piece of paper but you can also buy one or make one as elaborate as you want. There are some really cool ones in stores but I really want to paint one on a piece of wood to make it personal. For me, I find that the more personal I make my craft, the more effective my magick is. Another method for the pendulum is the pendulum jar. This is the most accurate way to use the pendulum as you are not holding the pendulum in your hand. You can buy or make a jar. All it is is a jar, something sticky, the pendulum, and an optional pendulum board in the bottom of the jar. To make this, secure the pendulum to the lid and screw it back on. If you want to get fancy, you can create a mini pendulum board to go in the bottom of the jar. Our hands have involuntary movements that can skew our answers so by sticking the pendulum to the top of the jar there are no external forces messing with it. This will give you the most accurate answers. 

   Pendulums can also be used for healing through a practice called dowsing. To do this, a practitioner will use a pendulum on a client to find stagnant energies. You can also use them to balance chakras as they are typically made out of crystals. They actually sell pendulums made out of all of the chakra crystals. 

   I remember when I first got into pendulums. They really helped get me into divination along with my tarot cards. So if you are getting into divination, why not make yourself a pendulum? For me having two methods of divination helped confirm my predictions and solidify my confidence in my abilities. Once you get that confidence, you will be an unstoppable and powerful psychic. 


A Spiritual Guide on How to Use a Pendulum (


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