Crystals to Make You Feel LIKE A BAD BITCH!!

   We live a pretty critical world: “Look like this.” “Eat this.” “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Have you tried Viagra?” These aren’t even half the things we are fed every day. Then when you add the stresses of life in there everything gets kind of sad. So many of us get in a funk for a little bit and then we get out, then it happens again and again and it’s kind of an endless cycle. So this article is for my witches who identify as baddies. No matter who you are, these crystals are for you. 

   First I want to go over garnet, I know I just did a whole post on garnet but it is THE bad bitch energy stone. Just look at it, it is dark burgundy. What other color screams bad bitch energy more than that. It gives the wearer a sense of self confidence and well being by balancing the root and heart chakras. The root chakra is in charge of basic needs and survival so when it is unbalanced we get anxious and we feel off. So the garnet is really good for people with anxiety. The garnet also works with the heart. By balancing the heart chakra, the garnet attracts self love and gives the wearer a shot of self confidence. I wear garnet all the time and it really gives me an undeniable confidence. 

   Next I want to touch on rose quartz. Rose quartz can have a very soothing feeling or it reminds you who tf you are. Rose quartz is kind of like the best friend that picks you up, fixes your makeup, and tells you that you are a bad bitch and no one can kill you. One of my favorite ways to use rose quartz for self love is to enchant rose quartz jewelry. I did this with a pair of earrings and I felt amazing. I was in a funk because I was in quarantine but they helped me so much. They reminded me of the starfish earrings from the movie “Aquamarine.”

   A crystal that I have not already written about is carnelian. Carnelian is a red orange stone that is great for restoring passion and motivation. If you feel burnt out in life then you may need to try meditating with some carnelian. With red being the color of life and passion and orange being the color of success, it’s no surprise that carnelian is a must for all my fellow boss bitches out there. It is great for boosting confidence and creativity as well. Carnelian was one of the stones that I was working with when I got the idea to start the blog! Every time I wanted to forget about it I would look at my spell jar with carnelian and say “No, I’ve got this.”

   When I made a spell jar to attract abundance, not only did I put carnelian but there was also citrine and pyrite. Citrine is a lot like carnelian in that it helps you get off your butt and go for your dreams. Citrine is also such a happy crystal that it is a great idea to carry it with you to keep good vibes throughout the day. Citrine is good to have for the good days and the bad days. On a good day it motivates you to be the best you can be and it makes you feel super inspired and ready to take on the world. On the bad days, it is the friend that passes you the tissues, gives you a hug, and says it’s gonna be okay. So citrine is great for all by bad bitches because it helps us take on the world no matter what. 

   Next there is pyrite. If pyrite was a person she would be the aunt that mysteriously has a lot of money because she probably killed her sugar daddy while wearing gucci gloves. This is because not only does pyrite attract money but it also clears obstacles between the wearer and that cash. Pyrite is a doer so pyrite will get the shit done whether you like it or not. That being said, by wearing pyrite you will see through your bullshit job that doesn’t pay you enough. You will see through the flaws that they hide and you will probably find something better. Not only will you find better but you will be unafraid to just go for it. So if you are financially stuck, go grab some pyrite.

   Next there are the various types of tourmaline. The best for baddie energy are black tourmaline, green tourmaline, and the rare multicolored tourmaline (not to be confused with watermelon tourmaline). First black tourmaline is one of my go to protection stones. Black tourmaline is great for cutting negativity from your life and empowering you to work through negative situations. It is also great for grounding so it has helped me through anxious days. So if you want to be a bad bitch but you feel you are surrounded by toxicity, carry a black tourmaline and see who gets kicked out of your life. Next is the green tourmaline. I have not personally used green tourmaline but it is said to be the most powerful stone for healing the heart chakra, resulting in self confidence. Unlike many of the crystals used for the heart, green tourmaline harnesses the energy of the divine masculine which provides a sense of courage and strength. Finally, the rarest tourmaline: multicolored. This unique looking tourmaline brings release and strength. It is great for shadow work because it releases anxiety while bringing strength. It is a master healing stone that will give any bad bitch a confidence makeover. 

   Another stone that gives off total baddie energy is hematite. Hematite is another protecting and grounding stone that packs a punch. If you are REALLY needing  someone to leave, hematite is your girl. Hematite is also great for rebalancing your life. Because of this, hematite will get rid of the toxicity. It also rebalances the root chakra so while you are working on yourself you will be more calm. Hematite is really good for bringing about change during the transition periods of life and getting you to your destination faster. So if you are lost, use hematite as a no bullshit compass.

   If you are feeling lost, stuck, or not yourself, these are the crystals for you. These stones will help you find yourself even in hard times. They will also accelerate you on your path so when you start noticing life changes after using these it is no coincidence. 


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