Eclectic Witchcraft

   With the mass spiritual awakenings of 2020 there are many new witches on the scene trying to find their crowd. While I don’t necessarily like labeling my fellow divine beings, as humans we love to be able identify with something. So if you can’t find a name or group to identify with then you’re probably an eclectic witch like me. 

   To be an eclectic witch means to follow your own arrow when it comes to the craft. Maybe you have some plants but you don’t identify as a green witch because you also do a lot of celestial witchcraft and have unique spiritual beliefs. You would probably be considered an eclectic witch. I think that the eclectic witch journey is the most modern because it is so adaptable. You can do it alone, with a coven, at the beach, in the middle of nowhere, it’s totally up to you. With the eclectic path, you can blend many different paths. For example you could be a sea witch and kitchen witch, mixed with a lunar witch. The possibilities are endless and this allows for an extremely personal path for you. For me, one reason that I didn’t vibe with organized religion is that it wasn’t that personal but with witchcraft I could literally create my own path that I could understand.

   Eclectic witches are probably the most common type of witch nowadays. This is because we are everywhere now from the big city to a cottage in the woods. In the past, witchcraft was primarily practiced “over the hedge” or outside high populated areas because of the stigma that came with it. Because most witches were in a similar living situation, they happened to do many of the same things and the craft didn’t really have to adapt to modern life. Nowadays when I do a ritual alone in my apartment, it’s a little different than the ancients who did it at stonehenge. Also, the beliefs are slightly different nowadays as we have more science, a more modern point of view, and a lot of us have our craft work with our other spiritual beliefs. Some types of witchcraft like traditional Wicca have their own sets of beliefs but witchcraft as a practice can fit into anyone’s lifestyle and beliefs. These are just a few reasons why the term eclectic witch has grown recently.

   I also think that this path is the best for beginners because it allows you to try everything. Then if you find a path that really suits you, you can stick to it. It feels less forced to just find what you vibe with, and maybe you just decide to stay eclectic. So what are some things you can do to be an eclectic witch?

  • RESEARCH!: Even though you are eclectic and don’t technically have to follow certain traditions, it is still good to know the background knowledge of what you’re doing. If you are just calling on random deities that you know nothing about to help you, you may get into some trouble. It is also disrespectful if you are just doing random rituals from random cultures that you don’t belong to and know nothing about. So make sure you research and find things that you really identify with. You also want to make sure you are not appropriating anyone else’s culture so a good place to start your research is with your own ancestry.
  • Practice the Law of Attraction: Practicing the law of attraction is a great way to start a personalized path for yourself. Since the law of attraction is basically a mind game between you, your ego, the conscious, and the subconscious it only makes sense that everything you do to attract is incredibly personal. If you looked at 10 witch’s manifestation/gratitude journals they would all look completely different. Same thing with their various spells and even the crystals that they carry. For me the law of attraction got me started and showed me how personal my path could be. 
  • Start a Grimoire: Whether you call it a grimoire, a black book, a book of shadows etc. It’s all a personal spell book and everything you have learned about as a witch. You can also find grimoire pages online Downloads – The Coffee Witch ( ! Although these pages are great for starting off and getting ideas, I would beware about overusing them. You don’t want your whole grimoire to be all somebody else’s ideas. It will also help you learn if you put in the effort to search for the information and write it down yourself. Writing is also proven to be meditative so that’s a plus. 
  • Go to a metaphysical shop: Even if you have no idea what anything is, going into these shops can help you figure out what you like. Just follow the vibe and find something that vibes with you. Then when you get home do the research behind the object and you’ll probably find that you have some kind of personal connection to it. 
  • Try out divination: Whether it’s tarot, scrying, or just sitting in silence until you get a download, divination has guided many witches including myself onto the right path. I always recommend tarot because it helps me a lot and it works for a lot of people but you can also use pendulums, crystal balls, candles, and many more items. By using divination you are also connecting yourself to the divine energies of the universe which is always a must when trying to find your way.
  • Meditation: Meditation is a must, especially for my beginners who are in need of clarity. Through meditation you will get tons of knowledge and a sense of calm that is perfect for magick. I have even seen certain items in my meditation that I go out and buy. Then I research it and realize that I either have a connection to it or I will need that exact item for a ritual, spell etc.


What Is Eclectic Witchcraft? Why It May Be the Best Path for You – Exemplore – Paranormal


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