Before I even get into this post, I just want to say that I may sound completely insane when writing about this. This is one of the weirder spiritual beliefs that is popular in the community so buckle up. Now that I got that out of the way… Starseeds! Where do I even begin?

   Have you ever watched the show, “Ancient Aliens?” It might sound ridiculous but many spiritualists believe that something like the events in that show actually happened. Not only do some of us believe that aliens visited us but that we humans had past lives as aliens, thus making us a starseed. If you feel like you just don’t belong or can’t fit in, you could be one. This is because you are from a planet with a higher vibration than earth so all of our 3d concepts just don’t make sense to you. This can also translate into a feeling of being homesick when you are home and you may find comfort in space themed movies. You may also see yourself in alien form while meditating. Sometimes starseeds even have ET like features. For example they might have big eyes, oddly shaped heads, long necks, angelic faces, or strange birth marks. Starseeds also usually have strong intuition and psychic abilities. This is because these souls are usually pretty developed before their life on Earth, making it easier for them to access their gifts. It is also common for starseeds to be born under unique circumstances like a mother thought to be infertile getting pregnant. 

   The goal of the starseeds is to raise the vibration of the Earth and help the human race ascend. They do this by having a higher vibration than many other people and they also have a mystical wisdom about them. They often know things without knowing how they know it. Or maybe they’re a young person who seems as wise as the elderly. This is because they have an old soul who has had many lives. These people often create new paths for people to follow, innovate, and ultimately heal the planet. 

   Now you may be wondering, “how do you know this?” Well these legends come from channelers who connect with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are an energetic collection of everything that has ever happened in the universe ever. Keep in mind that these legends come from different channelers so they can vary. Think of it like the Greek epic poems, there are different interpretations due to the stories being passed down by word of mouth. That being said, nobody really knows the truth, these are just legends that have come from many psychics so I just think it’s fun to look into. I am also curious about space and aliens so it’s no surprise that I stumbled upon the concept of starseeds.

   The main fear about the alien presence on Earth is not knowing their intentions. Due to fear of the unknown humans often label extra-terrestrials as evil without even knowing why they’re here. According to the Akashic records, most starseeds are here for the bettering of the planet but there are a select few who seek power and control. Many channelers know of the positive and negative races of extraterrestrials that create starseeds but I would end up writing a novel if I covered all of that. So let me know if you want more alien content in the comments. 

   Starseeds often have a set time to wake up and realize who they are. So some stay asleep for most of their lives and some wake up young. They also wake up rapidly due to the familiarity with the universe’s energies. Right now we are in a mass awakening due to the 5d ascension brought on by the great conjunction back in Dec. 2020. There are many groups of starseeds that have come in generations past and this often happens at turning points in history so it makes sense that we have a few groups coming now. These are known as the Blue Rays, the Indigos, the Rainbows, and the Crystals. This is another topic that I could write a textbook on so let me know if you want to see more in the comments.

I know that this whole topic is already weird and out there but I think it’s super interesting! I have spent hours reading up on this and I know way too much to keep it in. I know that this isn’t my usual witchcraft content but I also enjoy discussing spiritual and paranormal topics as well. So that being said, let me know if you want more alien content because if you do, hold onto your tinfoil hats.


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