Bearing a beautiful burgundy cloak, garnet is the baddest crystal on the block. I manifested a garnet into my life when I saw it in a dream, connected with the dark goddess, and then a family member gave it to me. It made so much sense for me to manifest garnet because I needed to be reminded of the bad bitch I am. So if you need a confidence makeover grab a garnet.

   Garnet is a great stone for putting us back in the moment. When we dwell on the past we are sad but when we worry about the future we are anxious. This is where garnet comes in, and grounds us to the present moment. It also is able to clear deep blockages and protect. These qualities make garnet a very energizing stone which is why I often wear it. 

   Garnet is connected to the heart and root chakras. I feel like many of the heart chakra stones are soft in color and their personalities are a little more soft. Not Garnet. It is a deep red hue that almost looks black and it harnesses an intense energy that allows self love to flow through the heart. It also energizes through the root chakra which is in charge of our basic needs. When this chakra is out of balance we often feel anxious and have low energy. By balancing this chakra, the garnet makes us feel more energetic and gives a sense of wellbeing. This sense of wellbeing then turns into self confidence once the heart chakra becomes balanced. To effectively meditate with garnet you can place it on your heart, pubic bone, or anywhere by the legs or feet. This is the location of your heart and root chakras. Imagine a red light filling your body and healing you, breathing positivity in and negativity out. There are a few reasons for this, red obviously the color of the crystal but it is also the color of the root chakra, blood, and life itself. This is why red is such an attractive and energetic color. So do this if you are feeling out of balance and low energy. You can also charge your garnet with an intention like passion, balance, self love etc. 

   Garnet is another crystal that I am in love with. It has helped me find a sense of confidence, grounding, and direction in my life. I feel like garnet is not as well known as rose quartz, ruby, jade, or carnelian but it packs a punch. I remember when I first got my garnet I started wearing it and it made me feel so good! It helped me channel out negative thoughts and fostered a sense of well being inside me. So if I had to recommend a crystal for anyone with anxiety or lack of confidence it would have to be garnet. 


Garnet Meaning & Healing Properties – Energy Muse


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