Money-making Malachite

   Malachite is a beautiful green money maker crystal. If you want to attract prosperity while balancing your heart chakra, then malachite is for you. Not only is it good for the mind, soul, and material world but it is also pretty. A tumbled malachite has beautiful, hypnotic, green swirls covering it. Then the raw stone is a deep green and it can grow in many different shapes. All of it’s beautiful varieties make it a pretty hard stone to resist. 

   Malachite is known as a money stone but it is more than that. It really opens up your soul to attract more abundance. This is because it helps to balance and open the heart chakra. When your heart chakra is balanced it is way easier to work with the throat and third eye. By opening the heart, the malachite helps us connect with the divine energy of the universe therefore, making us more open to manifestation. This openness is very important because a lot of us are unknowingly closed off and we are not allowing ourselves to manifest. This crystal will help you go with the flow and allow opportunities to open up. So not only is malachite good for attracting money but it also assists in personal growth. 

   Although green is the money color, it is also the color of nature and malachite is no exception to this rule. You can use malachite to bring the energies of nature to your living room. This is a great stone for my city dwellers who want a pop of nature. Just place a large piece of malachite in any room and notice the difference. It is also known to decrease pollution in your house, and it looks really cool. Now I want to buy a big hunk of malachite for my apartment. 

   To really feel the healing energy of the malachite, meditate with it on your heart chakra. My malachite started working from the moment I got it so the vibes are potent. If you are feeling stuck and you want a transformation, meditate with malachite. Malachite also guards the heart so if you are getting into a new relationship or feeling unsure, carry malachite on you. This stone can also bring change into your life because it opens you up to new possibilities so be ready for whatever comes your way. Malachite also helps you attract your idea of abundance. It is known for attracting money because that’s how many people see abundance. 

   Because malachite is associated with the element, earth it is very grounding. Earth stones are good to use for balancing your emotions and providing a state of optimism so malachite is great for this type of healing. Because it has this balancing energy it can help stabilize your mood so if you are feeling a little crazy and unbalanced carry a malachite in your pocket. 

   Malachite is one of my favorite crystals because not only did it’s powerful energy attract me money from the moment I got it but it has a calm nature vibe that I really enjoy. It is known for its prosperity, transformations, connection to the heart, and association with nature. For me, my malachite has shown me that I don’t have to constantly be working to be okay. I am allowed to enjoy my free time and I can still manifest opportunity. So this is a great stone for my fellow workaholics out there.  


Malachite Meaning & Healing Properties – Energy Muse


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