Celestial Witches

   There are a few different categories of witchcraft and although I don’t like putting people in boxes, I do like having a name to identify with. It’s just human nature to try and classify everything. I have previously gone over the kitchen witch so today I am going over the celestial witch. 

   The celestial witches are the ones that live by astrology, always follow the moon, and they always know what the stars and planets are up to. They are always using the planetary energies to amp up their own energy. They are also known as cosmic or star witches. These witches can read your birthchart upside down, inside out, and backwards. They will always know when the next retrograde is and probably even the next media shower. She also will usually incorporate the moon into her practice. This could mean waiting for the right phase to do a spell or doing rituals according to the moon cycle. Following this cycle keeps the celestial witch in tune with the universe around her which amplifies her power. 

   Although celestial witches obviously use astrology, they also account astronomy. This can show them changes in the conditions of the solar system, planetary aspects, eclipses. Astrology does cover a lot of these topics but sometimes it’s hard to research them because there are so many relevant astrology placements that an astrologer may leave out certain changes in the forecast. Astronomy also helps build the foundation for studying astrology. Astrology is really just astronomy combined with ancient myth, religion, and theories. So before you can really delve into astrology you have to know basic astronomy. For example, knowing where certain constellations and planets are at a given time and where they are heading next. Once you get this basic astronomy down you will excel in astrology. 

   Celestial witches also follow the guidance of sky related deities. If your craft is more Egyptian based you may follow Khonsu (god of the moon) or Nut (goddess of the sky). There are also many Greek deities related to the sky including Artemis, Asteria, Eos, Hecate, Nyx, or Selene. If you prefer Norse mythology there is Nott. As you can see there are too many sky deities to list them all but if you feel called by one of them, you might be a celestial witch. 

   So what are some ways you can incorporate the cosmos into your craft?

  • Astrology: Whether you are just starting out or can read a birth chart left and right astrology is a great way to get connected to the planetary energies in space. This is also a good way to get in touch with the divine. For beginners I would start by learning about the big three astrological placements, then the big 6, and then start learning birth charts. If you are having trouble learning to read birth charts that’s okay because it took me years to figure it out. For my not so beginners start trying to create an astrological forecast for the next month or moon cycle using your astrology knowledge.
  • Moon Magick: I personally LOVE moon magick. A full moon release was my first ever ritual and following the moon cycles is what really got me into witchcraft and in tune with the universal flow. The moon cycle can really help you to stay on track with your manifestations, do shadow work and manage your emotions. So if you’re a beginner you can start by setting intentions on the new moon and then celebrating yourself on the full moon. If you’re more advanced, placing your shadow work on certain moons may help you move forward. 
  • Dream Work: Although anyone can do dream work, celestial witches are more known for it because much of their practice is done at night. They also pay attention to when the astrological forecast is best to do certain things like astral projection or lucid dreaming. For example if neptune (the planet of dreams) is in a fixed sign like aries, it might be harder to lucid dream. Whereas if neptune is in his home sign of pisces it will come effortlessly. So if you’re a beginner and you would like to try dream work DO YOUR RESEARCH! Dream work is a very fun and mysterious practice but it can be dangerous so make sure you research and really solidify your intentions before you start. For my advanced dreamers, challenge yourself to get psychic messages in your dreams.
  • Divination: Celestial witches also have special ways to use divination. They are super connected to divine and planetary energy so they can often feel these energies. For example, when reading tarot they could tap into the moon’s energy for guidance. They also correlate deities to planets so they may be guided by Venus who also goes by Aphrodite. For my beginners, find a planetary body and connect to it. It could be the moon so for that you could do moon magick; or maybe it’s the planet of your zodiac sign. For me (Pisces) it would be Neptune so I could practice divination and dreamwork to connect with him.
  • Manifestation: Manifestation can be hugely sped up and more effective if you follow the stars. When I do moon magick, I usually pay attention to what sign the moon is in as it will usually set the tone for my ritual. Taking planetary bodies into account can help you work with the flow of the universe instead of against because they are a big part of the energy here on earth. A good example was the last 2 months we had at least six planets in air signs. While this was good for manifesting ideas and thinking outside the box, it caused us to become a little less grounded. So if you were trying to manifest something very earth related like money you may not have had that much luck; but if you went for something like creative vision, you could have written a whole album in this forecast. So for my beginners, start with looking at where the moon is and start placing intentions on the new moon.
  • Clarity: If you are just confused and have no idea where to turn next, the stars have more answers than you think. To find the answers you seek, look to the astrology forecast. If you aren’t the best at forecasting, there are many astrologers on youtube, tiktok, and social media that do daily videos. You can also try to connect to your guides and planets for assistance. 
  • Make Moon Water: If you are getting into moon magick, moon water is a great thing to help energize you in the next week. During the full moon, just leave a bottle of water out where the moon’s rays will hit it. Then the next morning it is ready for use. You can drink it, bathe in it, put in in spells for extra energy, the possibilities are endless. It is a great way to add a little magick to any day and energize yourself.
  • Crystals: There are many crystals that are connected to the cosmos. Some examples are blue tourmaline, onyx, celestite, amethyst, blue goldstone, blue apatite, moonstone, opal, and many more. 


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