Why You Are No Better Than Anyone Else

In the witch and spiritual community there is sometimes gatekeeping, clickbait, and judging. Sometimes these are just jokes and yes I laugh at the jokes… sue me. But sometimes it’s a little too serious. These attitudes are the opposite of what we stand for so it makes me so angry when I see this. On this blog I want everyone from baby witches to crones to be welcome.

   With spirituality being kind of a trend in 2020 many new people joined the community. This is great, I’m glad more people are awakening and finding their path. With this some people have become arrogant and feel threatened by this influx of people. They then respond by gatekeeping information from those who need it most. Remember when a bunch of beginners on Tiktok tried to hex the moon? Maybe if someone could have said something that wouldn’t have happened. Instead of being nice, these experienced witches will be rude when someone asks a question or they will start little groups on social media and not let certain people join. This is a minority but it obviously made a difference considering that a bunch of people decided that hexing the moon would work and be a good idea. So to my intermediate or advanced witches please stop the chain of gatekeeping because being spiritual is not an exclusive trend. You act like you want people to wake up but then when they do you push them away. Even if you are a “celebrity” in the spiritual media you are not that cool if you exclude people. By doing this you are being completely fake and spirituality is an image you create. Spirituality is supposed to be all inclusive so by excluding people you are promoting the opposite of our principles.

   Another thing that annoys me about the community is the use of clickbait for likes, comments, and follows. So a lot of tarot readers will say “if you see this it’s for you” which I like and I do that when I post tarot videos. It goes wrong when people put in the caption, “like to claim” or follow or comment. If you have to do something to claim your prediction it isn’t real. These people just want you to like their post. Also a lot of these posts will just be generic predictions that a lot of people will relate to therefore, they will get a lot of likes. Also according to the laws of the universe, the future has already happened so why would you need to claim a tarot prediction? I don’t know. The word claim is often used in manifestation as a way of empowering you to go forth with your intentions. I like this because it’s a very motivating way to solidify your intention but you don’t have to “claim” a reading. 

   The thing that annoys me the most though is the arrogance and judgemental nature of some of us in the spiritual community. The worst part is I used to be one of them. Let me explain: I used to be super judgemental of normal people who weren’t spiritual and enjoyed having a mundane life. This is because I see everything as magickal and I have huge aspirations so I never understood people who didn’t think like that. As humans, we have a tendency to judge things that we don’t understand so I fell into that. I also judged things that I deemed low vibe or 3d. This arrogant attitude led me to fall into a depression, do a ton of shadow work, and take a break from witchcraft. So finally after all that I finally realized that it’s possible to be happy if you don’t have your dream life just yet and I found that I could relate to more people. Don’t fall into this trap, it will just make you unhappy. I also see arrogance online when witches and spirituals will post things online about how their life is perfect because they manifested everything they could possibly desire and then they lowkey bash the people who haven’t yet. These people are the reason I fell into my little arrogant spiral. I thought that the only way to live the witch life was to do everything I want and manifest everything with ease. So I would have this horrible attitude about doing normal people things like working, watching my spending, not being famous, and living in my suburban hometown. It was partly because I was seeing all this content of these really cool people living really cool lives and I was jealous that I wasn’t. They also showed me that culture of bashing normal people so I thought that was right. Turns out witchcraft and manifestation is a lot more work than the influencers say.

   Sorry if this post was just a rant but what I am trying to say is that you are no better than anyone else. Stop thinking that because you are spiritually woke you are better than the person next to you. Stop thinking that you are entitled to this perfect life because you’re not… nobody is. The truth about influencers promoting these attitudes is that they either worked hard to get where they are, have daddy’s money, got super lucky, or their life isn’t actually perfect so they feel the need to make it look that way on social media. So if you’re new to the spiritual community, “hi, I’m Aivrey, The Coffee Witch and this website is a safe space for you to learn, grow, and ask questions. I will give you the realest content about what being a witch is actually like.” If you are not new please just be real and include everybody. Everyone deserves the opportunity to learn the lessons of the universe. What they don’t deserve is a toxic attitude about spirituality so please stop promoting it. Thanks.


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