How to Coffee Witch

There is a magick for everything and since this blog is literally called “The Coffee Witch” I thought that I should explore the topic of coffee magick. I have stuck my little toe in the pond that is coffee magick by charging my coffee with intention, creating my “Be La Bruja” story and by buying magickally charged coffee. So now I want to know exactly how it’s done and maybe try some coffee magick myself!

   Coffee does have magickal properties so let’s go over those before jumping into coffee magick activities. Coffee contains the energy of the divine masculine because it is energizing you for things like working or crossing items off the to do list. Most of our day to day activities would be considered masculine because masculine energy deals with our material world. It is ruled by the planet, Mars as Mars is very energizing and he likes to get shit done. It is also ruled by the fire signs: Sagittarius and Aries. Both of these signs are energetic and stubborn so if they want to accomplish something they will. Aries is also significant because Aries is ruled by Mars. 

  •  My first method of coffee magick is simply stirring it clockwise while saying your intentions for the day. By stirring clockwise we are attracting so pay attention to that. If you want to clear something you can stir counterclockwise. By doing this I have noticed an increased charge of positivity throughout my day. To get really technical with this you can pay attention to the types of ingredients you add to your coffee. For example if you want to attract prosperity you could add cinnamon to your cup.
  •  The next method is coffee scrying. To do this you pour dark coffee in a black cup, light a candle, and look into the coffee with a soft gaze. Then you can journal what you see. 
  • If you don’t want to drink the coffee, you can simply sprinkle it on your altar to promote focus and speed up intentions. It also smells amazing!
  • Coffee has also been known to have cleansing properties so you can put some on your divination tools for a good cleanse. You can also use the aromas throughout your home to cleanse the energy or if you are really committed you can make a coffee floor wash for your home.
  • To clear blockages you can bathe in a coffee scrub, take a coffee bath, or drink a coffee potion.
  • You can add coffee to your spells to boost them and speed them up because coffee is full of that masculine get shit done energy. Be careful with this though because some spells will make you let go of negativity you are holding onto and doing this too fast can be a painful process.
  • Like I said earlier, add cinnamon to boost your day. You can also breathe in these aromas for a similar effect.
  • Coffee is also grounding (no pun intended) so drink a cup every morning to ground yourself for the day. It is even better if this is a routine because routines are very grounding.
  • Create a pouch of coffee and set it under your pillow to ward off nightmares.
  • Coffee is a great deity offering because who doesn’t like coffee?

   These hacks are mostly for already ground and roasted coffee but there is a whole other category of coffee magick for the beans themselves. Sadly I don’t currently know how to do all that (most of us don’t) so I gave you some more simple coffee spells to try. You can also buy coffee that is already charged with magick online or at some metaphysical shops. Comment down below what coffee magick you want to see me try!


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