So you’re doing the witch thing and you have a small collection of items but nowhere to put them. It’s time to make your first altar. An altar doesn’t even have to be filled with things as tools are not required to be a witch but most of us have cards and crystals and whatContinue reading “Altars”

Triple Goddess

   The triple moon symbol is a widely known symbol for witchcraft. It symbolizes a few different things including the moon phases, life, and the goddess herself. With this symbol, we see three aspects of the goddess, making her a triple goddess. Triple gods and goddesses are seen in most religions which is what makes themContinue reading “Triple Goddess”

All is Fair in Love and War

   Love magick is a controversial topic in the witch community for a few following reasons. White witches think that most kinds of love magick are manipulative and interfere with the other person’s free will. Then left hand path witches don’t have a problem with love magick. Being a grey witch, I have a different opinionContinue reading “All is Fair in Love and War”

Calling All Green Witches!

So witches are supposed to be good at taking care of plants right? Well not me. Every time I get a plant I either water it too much or not at all. I give it too much sun or not enough. I don’t know anymore. I want to have little plant friends but I’m tooContinue reading “Calling All Green Witches!”

Mindset Matters

So you just did your first manifestation ritual but for some reason it just won’t come to you. You swear that you did everything right. You think to yourself, “I guess I’m still broke.” Stop right there. Check yourself. Even though you did the ritual right, if you don’t make an effort to change yourContinue reading “Mindset Matters”

Be La Bruja!

   Within the witchcraft community lies talented individuals with unique businesses because we tend to think outside the box when it comes curating everyday products. We love to add magick to everything we can so it is no surprise that there is magickally charged coffee on the market. Based in New Mexico, Bruja Coffee Co. isContinue reading “Be La Bruja!”

Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation    One of the first signs that you are a witch or psychic is having very vivid dreams. The next sign is realizing that they are coming true or sending you messages for your waking life. Dream interpretation is a big part of witchcraft, especially in the beginning. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud once said, “TheContinue reading “Dream Interpretation”

Valentines Gifts for the Witch in Your Life

Valentines gifts for your witchy S.O.    Valentines Day or Singles Awareness Day is a time for endless chocolate and love. Whether you are dating someone or just practicing self love, here are some fun gifts for your witchy friend or more than friend. Chocolate box with a twist: This gift has been all over socialContinue reading “Valentines Gifts for the Witch in Your Life”