Is it Intuition?

   One of the hardest things for me to learn being a psychic was figuring out how to discern between my intuition and random thoughts. I still struggle with this today but I want to share some tips on differentiating to the two. When I first started learning how to be a psychic I would get what seemed to be a random thought but then about a week later it would come true. I wished that I could use my intuition on command or at least know when something was an intuitive message. 

   I got the idea for this article when I started predicting the stop lights because that was the moment I knew that I could discern between thoughts and messages. I was able to tell when I was really predicting the lights and when I was thinking about it too hard. One of the first mistakes psychics make is trying too hard and seeing everything as a sign. In order to get messages you have to learn to calm down. You can’t start looking for signs and messages or you will go craz, you have to wait for them to come to you. However, I overcame this was through meditation and time. Meditation forces you to sit and quiet your mind and doing psychic work is a lot like a mini meditation. I had to learn to quiet my mind for the time that I was reading. After I started meditating this got a lot easier because it forced me to practice this concentration. My next tip is just giving yourself time to practice. It’s taken me over four years to get to where I am today so don’t rush it. Slow progress is still progress.

   Another thing is when you get an intuitive message, there is a feeling behind the message. Even when I was first starting out and barely knew the difference between thoughts and downloads I would always get this unexplainable feeling. The best way to describe it is like my mind would linger on a word or image that popped into my mind. Then I wouldn’t be able to get that thought out of my head. Then in a few business days it would come true. If this happens to you then you are probably a psychic. 

   The thing that helped me most in mastering my psychic abilities was learning tarot. This was so helpful because it materialized my gifts and forced me to use it on command. When I say that tarot materialized my gifts I mean that allowed me to have my psychic abilities in the physical world. Instead of just having random thoughts I could see pictures and hold a card. You don’t necessarily have to do tarot to grow your gift but you need to do something psychic related. So you could learn to scry, throw bones, read palms etc. You just need to have something physical to channel your intuition. Eventually you will be able to tap in whenever but for now having something tangible in this reality will be very helpful. 

   I know that this post was pretty short but the best way to get better at focusing your intuition is through practice and time; so if you keep doing little exercises like tarot or guessing the stop lights you will begin to see improvement. When I first started it was kind of scary because I couldn’t tell the difference between downloads and thoughts but now that I have practiced for a few years I can usually figure it out. So keep practicing, vibing high, and don’t give up!


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