Manifesting Green

   So you’ve been practicing manifesting small things and now you’re ready to try something more real. You’re a broke witch… or are you? Some of the most popular spells we do are focused on attracting money, prosperity, and abundance. Although this sounds selfish and not 5d at all, hear me out: In this society we need money to survive, and also if you vibrate on a high frequency money should flow to you as you please. That being said, the route I take when I do money spells isn’t a route of getting quick money and doing nothing. My manifestations are more about raising my vibration to get to the money and unlocking good opportunities that will pay well.

   So the first time I manifested money it was a complete accident. I had a pyrite crystal that I used to take to my job and I left it in the car on a night that coincidentally had a full lunar eclipse and thunderstorms so strong that they had tornadoes. So the energy of this night was insane and my crystal happened to be charging under this weather. Then less than two months later I had a higher paying job. That night was kind of a turning point about this job as well so I don’t think it was a coincidence that the pyrite was there. That night was the beginning of the end.

   I have also done a money spell jar and soon after I got the job that I have now. So to make this jar there are a lot of options as to what you can do so just play it by ear. If you don’t have something feel free to substitute with what you see fit, this is just what I used. First you’ll need a glass bottle or jar with a lid. Then I put in cloves, basil, cinnamon, a bay leaf, a small pyrite crystal, coins, and sweet orange oil. If you don’t have this stuff, here are some other options: basil oil, aventurine, citrine, or quartz. The good thing about spell jars is that they are so easy and fun to make! So start putting the heavier ingredients on the bottom and the bigger/lighter things on top. Then when you get to the bay leaf, go ahead and write your intention on it and burn it before throwing it in the jar. Once you have everything in it, you can decorate the outside. This is optional but for me, I drew a couple sigils on mine. Then finally, I burned a green candle and an orange candle to seal it. Green for money, and orange for success. 

   So these are the most substantial times that I’ve manifested money. There have been times where I have manifested quick cash but that’s not the same as manifesting a whole new job or a rent payment. I’ve figured out that the most important thing when manifesting big money or just a quick buck is the mindset. Although money is a 3d concept, we still need it to survive in today’s society. So don’t feel guilty about trying to attract a stupid piece of green paper. Just make sure that you don’t get too caught up in the money and start to neglect you or others because this will stop your flow. As long as you vibe high and let the universe know you want money, it will get you to the money. It may not happen overnight but don’t lose faith. 

   Some more ways that you can make quick money are: meditating for success/money, carrying pyrite in your pocket, giving back to the world, writing down your intentions, expressing gratitude


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