Love Rocks

   With Valentine’s day coming up on sunday, it’s easy to get caught up in the drama that comes with love and life. Whether you’re single or taken, there’s no way you can resist the allure of crystals. So if you’re looking for a little extra love this Valentine’s day these stones will keep you satisfied.

   Leading the pack we have rose quartz. Rose quartz is the stone most associated with love. Whether you are cultivating self love, romantic love, or platonic love, rose quartz can do it all. You can even enchant it to attract love. One time I did this to a pair of rose quartz earrings and it worked! I also wear a rose quartz promise ring because of the energy and meaning of the rose quartz. The energy behind rose quartz is strong, so don’t underestimate her cute pink appearance because rose quartz can do so much for you if you allow it. 

   Next we have garnet; I have not talked about garnet very much on here but it is one of my favorite crystals right now. With it’s dark red color, garnet adds a dark, protective, and intense quality to love. Garnet is often associated with the dark goddess because it’s energy is more lustful. If you’re looking for a hot and intense romance this valentines day, look no further than garnet. Another garnet quality is protection because it is great at deflecting negativity. This is also an aspect of the protective dark goddess in all of us. Finally, the reason I love garnet is for it’s intensity. When used for self love it gives you an intense and unshakeable confidence; and when used romantically, they will not be able to take their hands off of you. 

   Another stone good for the heart is jade. Jade is one of the most commonly used stones for healing the heart chakra. So if you are attracting self love this valentine’s day, jade is for you. I would recommend doing some self care with the jade crystal to bond with it and reap its benefits. Some ideas are bathing with jade and candles near the tub (water can damage it), meditating with it on your heart, doing skincare with a jade roller, or even inserting a jade yoni egg. Jade is a very calming stone so if you want to have a relaxing night of me time, make sure to invite jade to the party. 

   Next there is rhodonite, rhodonite is the powerful healer in the love stone family and it is one of the most powerful heart chakra stones. Think of rhodonite as the counselor at couples therapy because it can help you release negative emotions that are often disguised as resentment or fear towards a partner. Because it gets rid of the negativity, it also brings you a sense of compassion that can aid in your relationship. Rhodonite is a very good stone for communication which is the key to a healthy relationship. This is because it helps you release negative emotion which then makes you less defensive when communicating. Unlike rose quartz which is good for attracting love, rhodonite is the stone you use to fix the problems that every relationship is bound to have. 

   There is a love crystal for everyone! The good thing about the crystals here is that they are all versatile! So my solitary witches and my cuffed witches can use them. I recommend having at least one crystal that symbolizes love because we all need a little self love sometimes and you never know when unexpected romance can come into your life. 


Garnet Meaning & Healing Properties – Energy Muse

Rhodonite Meaning & Healing Properties – Energy Muse


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