If you have delved into witch social media I’m sure that you have seen the word “empath.” Although everyone has empathy, being an empath means so much more. But what is an empath really?

   When you feel empathy for someone, it means that you are able to put yourself in their shoes. Being an empath takes it one step further as you are can actually feel the other person’s emotions. What causes people to be empaths rather than just feeling empathy is clairsentience or psychic feeling. Feeling others emotions is one of the biggest indicators that you have psychic gifts like clairsentience and probably even more. 

   If you think that you are an empath, you probably feel emotions deeply and people have probably described you as sensitive. Fear not, you are like this because you have a gift and don’t know how to control it yet. Another big sign is noticing that people tend to confide in you and find you easy to talk to. This is because an empath’s compassion makes them an amazing listener. Note that this can be draining so if you have to take a break from other people’s problems that’s okay. This is because your gift makes you magnetic to others. You may also feel connected to nature. This is because nature is such a high vibrational thing that it feels like home to your higher self. Another sign is being overwhelmed easily. This is one of the first signs I experienced. Imagine being in a crowded mall, do you feel fine or freaked? If you feel freaked then you could be an empath. This is because too much stimulation and energy in one place can overwhelm your psyche since you feel everything. One last sign is a desire to have peace. Do you notice yourself always being the mediator in relationships? This is because you are good at seeing all sides of a problem and validating everyone’s emotions. Empath’s also tend to be creatives but that is not always the case.

   Being an empath sounds cool right? Well it is but there are some issues that can happen and some precautions you can take to help yourself live in our busy world. With this particular gift, you can use it consciously and unknowingly. Sometimes you will mistake other’s feelings for your own. I have experienced this and it’s so strange because for me it was like when I was with someone I would identify with their opinions. Then when I was alone I would realize that I didn’t feel that way. Turns out I was probably feeling their strong emotions and thinking they were my own.  Another thing you may notice is that you are probably a little reclusive, this is because being around others all the time is exhausting for you. In moderation this is normal but if you notice yourself constantly being alone then you may have a problem. I know that I mentioned overwhelm earlier but not only can you be overwhelmed by real life but the media can also overwhelm you. In this society, we are constantly being fed ads, bad news, and controversy and as someone who feels emotion so deeply, this content will invoke a response. Because you are always feeling and responding to this stimuli it gets tiring. 

   Although you face the aforementioned problem, there are many solutions that are pretty easy to implement into your life. If I notice myself feeling someone else’s negativity and/or mistaking it as my own I simply imagine my aura growing smaller and/or a white, purple, blue, or black shield around me. This is called shielding and it is effective when practiced. If you start to be reclusive, go into nature instead of hiding in your room. Nature will bring good vibes back to you if you allow it. If you walk in the grass barefoot, it will literally absorb your negativity and replace it with positivity. If you go swimming it will cleanse you. These are just a couple examples of ways to use nature for healing. Another thing I like to do is carry black tourmaline with me. It absorbs negativity and protects the wearer. Something that everyone should be doing but empath’s especially, is cleansing yourself regularly. Although this article is targeted at empaths these little hacks are good for everyone. 

   Anyone can be empath. Whether you are an experienced psychic or a beginner. Maybe you don’t even believe in all this “crap” but you identify with this article. You don’t even have to be spiritual to be an empath. Remember, everyone has gifts. Some just come naturally and some need practice so in reality we’re all empaths. 


What Is An Empath? Definition and Characteristics (learnreligions.com)


2 thoughts on “Empaths

  1. I totally understand everything you’re saying! I think I’m naturally an empath as I’ve always felt others’ emotions so deeply and often I’ve found myself feeling their feelings without realising. I do feel happy that my friends tend to choose me to confide in, although it definitely can be draining at times.

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