The Spiritual Side of Meditation

 Previously, we went over the science behind meditation and why it is so great for the brain. I personally started meditating because of the spiritual benefits and I feel like most people get started because of spirituality. So today, if the science didn’t already convince you to start meditating then the spirituality sure will. 

  •  If you feel lost, let meditation find you because it can help you find your life’s purpose. Because meditation is a deep dive in the self, it can show us what we truly want in life. For me, it showed me that my purpose is to help others through spirituality, positive energy and creativity. 
  • Meditation can also grant you a new type of wisdom. Inside all of us, there is source energy, the higher self, etc. This energy within us has all of our wisdom from our lives beyond this one. By meditating we are able to unlock this higher self and access some of this wisdom.
  • Although I started meditating after my awakening, for many people meditation starts to bring on this transformation that awakens the soul. If you are trying to get into spirituality but you haven’t felt all that magickal yet, try meditating. Whether you’re awakened or not, meditation will speed up your spiritual growth. 
  • Meditation can bring you a sense of peace and calm. In this fast paced 3d reality my fellow empaths, witches, and light bringers can often get exhausted and feel hopeless. This is your sign that you need to relax and meditate. As functioning members of society and awakened spiritual beings, we often feel like we’re living two lives which can be exhausting. So if you haven’t yet today, take a moment to yourself and meditate for just 10 min. You’ll feel better. 
  • As witches, we all eventually have to do our shadow work in order to be able to manifest more efficiently. One of the best ways to find the most pressing shadow aspects of ourselves is to meditate. Because meditation is a deep dive into the mind, all emotions can bubble to the surface… even the negative ones. By meditating on these negative emotions, we are able to let go and accept these parts of ourselves. Although it isn’t easy, meditating through this process can make it move along faster and smoother.
  • One of my favorite benefits of meditation is the heightened awareness that comes with it. After meditating for a while, you will be way more aware of the energy around or even open up your third eye. This is what got me into meditation, I was a beginner psychic who needed to heighten my awareness to get better. I did this mostly for tarot but it has awakened more gifts in me than I originally thought I had. After I started meditating was when everything got real. I began to hear and sense more through my third eye more than I ever had before.
  • Meditation can even help you channel negative energy out of your body and welcome more positivity. It teaches you to have more control of the energy inside you. By doing this you are able to heal yourself more efficiently and provide protection for yourself.

   Whether you are a beginner or a guru, meditation is essential in any type of spiritual practice. Even if you aren’t spiritual I believe that meditation can be a useful tool for life. Our world is so busy that we never have time for ourselves and if we do we are probably on the phone or tv. So for just 10 minutes, unplug, and open your mind.


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