All is Fair in Love and War

   Love magick is a controversial topic in the witch community for a few following reasons. White witches think that most kinds of love magick are manipulative and interfere with the other person’s free will. Then left hand path witches don’t have a problem with love magick. Being a grey witch, I have a different opinion on this.

   I think that there are certain types of love magick that are ethical but love isn’t a free range for you to just mess with. Magick that involves attraction and making oneself seem more attractive is okay. When you start casting spells on the other person is when things start to go awry. Doing magick on yourself to attract the other person is okay because you have agreed that you are doing it to yourself. If  you cast a spell on the other person to make them like you, you probably didn’t ask for permission and doing a spell like this can cause karmic backlash. It is even worse too because a spell like this will alter their free will so if this love wasn’t meant to be, you will be getting some karma down the line. Although yes, using magick is a little manipulative; the beginning stages of attraction and finding a lover is a manipulation. You are literally trying to make yourself as desirable as possible to make someone like you. By hiding the bad parts of you and only highlighting the good you are already manipulating the person so why not use magick to boost your charm?  Another form of love magick that I find ethical is using the law of attraction to pull in that special someone. This form is way less manipulative than traditional love and attraction magick because the universe is going to give you the right person in divine timing. So with the law of attraction you’re not actively doing spells, you are just working on attracting love which is something we should all do anyways. This and a little bit of love magick is how I got my boyfriend and we have dated for over a year now. Trust me though, it wasn’t smooth sailing to get here. I had to make a lot of mistakes and learn a lot about myself before he came along. That is how the law of attraction works, it gives you what you need in divine timing. So if you’re a white witch who wants love but doesn’t feel right doing love magick you can set intentions to find love and let the universe do its thing. 

   I believe that love magick becomes unethical when you start casting spells on the other person and altering their free will. If I casted a spell that would make my boyfriend love me, is that even real love? What if I stopped us from meeting our real partners that we were meant to be with and we were both unhappy forever? If you are wrong and this backfires, that is going to be some fun karma to go through.

   There are a few things I do that could possibly be considered unethical but I haven’t had any problems so if you want to try, do so at your own risk. The first one is what I like to call “cosmic stalking.” This is when I use my tarot cards and/or intuition to figure out what the other person is thinking so that I can make my moves wisely. This could be considered unethical because the person doesn’t know that you are spying on them but it also doesn’t alter their free will. Because you are technically only helping yourself here, I don’t see too much of a problem as long as you don’t obsess over this. I also used this tactic to get my boyfriend. Another controversial thing is sex magick. Although sex magick is whole other topic that I will eventually cover, it is similar to love magick so I want to mention it. I think that sex magick is a little bit of a different slope because you can have sex whether you’re in a relationship or not. I do think that it follows similar rules to love magick in that you shouldn’t alter free will. If you are not in a relationship, I think that it is okay to do magick on yourself to make you more lust-able or use the law of attraction. I feel like flat out making someone want to have sex with you is a risk because what if things go wrong. I’m not going to get into details but sex in general is a very sensitive topic because many things can happen when you have sex with someone. So I’m just going to leave it at that. Also if the other person doesn’t really want to have sex with you is it really going to be that good? Now if you are in a relationship it gets even more foggy because it depends on the type of couple you are. If you aren’t sexually active then you probably shouldn’t dabble in this because if you regret your decision it’s all on you and the karma will come. If you are sometimes sexually active then I think you should follow the rule where you don’t alter the other person’s free will. Now if you are that couple that comes at each other like hungry tigers then you can do basically whatever you want. Since you both agree that you like to have sex together then magick is basically just spicing it up. Technically yes, you are altering their free will but they were just going to do it anyways so who cares. Those are the few controversial things I do so go ahead and roast me in the comments. 

   With all witchcraft there is not really a clear cut line between right and wrong. A lot of it depends on what path you choose and your style. Personally I enjoy a little bit of love magick because I got my start with doing love readings with tarot, and my first guide was Venus. It’s also fun to watch it play out because it gets spicy. That sounds kind of bad but I’m a grey witch. What can I say? 


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