Mindset Matters

So you just did your first manifestation ritual but for some reason it just won’t come to you. You swear that you did everything right. You think to yourself, “I guess I’m still broke.” Stop right there. Check yourself. Even though you did the ritual right, if you don’t make an effort to change your mindset nothing will change. 

   Your consciousness is basically a collection of all of your thoughts and feelings. If you often have thoughts about being broke and single then you are always going to be broke and single. Raising your vibration starts by thinking positive. So even if you are still broke, think about being rich, more specifically being rich now. The universe always provides so if your mind is always in a state of abundance then your reality will be abundant. 

   A good story of this working for me is there was one weekend that was the first time I had ever felt 5d vibrations so I was feeling good. I did a meditation to raise my vibration and attract abundance. Then not even 10 minutes later I go downstairs and my stepmom gives me $10. Then the next day I wanted to do a spell but I needed a rose and I didn’t have one. Then I went to work and one of the girls had just gotten a rose and didn’t want it. Also every full moon I celebrate and get myself a small gift. Sometimes I don’t have any money but somehow I always end up getting something witchy or just something small that I want. Whether my boyfriend just randomly buys me crystals or I come across some extra cash, the universe always provides. 

   Sometimes, we all get into a bad state of mind and think some pretty negative thoughts. Are these going to ruin your reality? Probably not, unless you truly believe them. These thoughts mean that you need to do shadow work and work through them. Where are they coming from? Once you get to the root of the problem it will be much easier to solve and you will manifest way faster. If instead of working through these thoughts you decide to give them power then they might affect you. 

   I know that this all sounds a little crazy but I’m telling you from experience that it works. Another thing that always blocks beginners is that they haven’t trained the subconscious yet. Once you can get your subconscious to believe that you are enough then it will all fall into place. I make it sound so easy but believe me, it’s taken years of practice to be able to manifest like I can today. So stick with it, think positive, and don’t let the negativity bugs bite.


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