Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation

   One of the first signs that you are a witch or psychic is having very vivid dreams. The next sign is realizing that they are coming true or sending you messages for your waking life. Dream interpretation is a big part of witchcraft, especially in the beginning. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud once said, “The dream is the (disguised) fulfillment of a (suppressed, repressed) wish.” It is our job to figure out what these wishes are and listen to our dreams as they show us how to get closer to what we want.

   There are many signs that someone has potential to be a witch or psychic. Like I said previously, one of those signs is vivid dreams. Many people believe that dreams can come from the higher self or spirit realm. People who are naturally gifted psychics have a strong connection to the other side. This is why their dreams are more vivid and memorable than most. Then before they know it, they are getting deja vu all the time, their dreams are coming true, and/or their dreams seem to be messages to help them in their waking life. Dream interpretation is one of the first ways that someone can get into witchcraft because as you research it, you will come across different ways to dream, psychic dreams, dream signs etc. 

   Because dreams come from the subconscious, they do not communicate with the same methods as our conscious mind. Dreams communicate in symbols. Sometimes these symbols can be pretty obvious or sometimes they can be cryptic. When interpreting dreams you have to pay attention to the symbols themselves and how you felt in the dream as this can change the meaning. This is especially true if you have a personal connection to something in the dream. These symbols help you figure what the dream was really about and why you had that particular dream. Once you figure out the why behind the dream you can begin to understand your current desires and get messages from the other side. 

   For people who think that dreams don’t mean anything, their first point in their argument is “how do these symbols apply to everyone?” I wondered about this for a long time until I learned about the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness is hard to really define but it is basically a collection of the thoughts and energy of everyone on earth. For example, the bible has been one of the most popular books since it was written thousands of years ago. Because so many people have read it there are many symbols from the bible that humans just know. This is because these symbols have been ingrained in the collective consciousness. A great example of this is an olive branch which means peace. This is also seen in Greek mythology. Have you ever seen something and had an emotional response for no reason? You are probably experiencing the collective consciousness. Many of the widely used dream symbols are from the collective consciousness and this is why we all seem to dream about them and recognize them. A great example of this is dreaming about falling. Humans only have a few real fears that are from our evolutionary history, but the first two are: the dark, and falling. This is why all have that dream about falling and wake up sweaty. This is also a dream symbol that can be seen as a warning sign because our consciousness associates this with fear. 

   These are just the basics of dream interpretation and a background on it. If you want to interpret your own dreams (which I recommend) there are tons of books and websites that you can use. I could go on and on about dream interpretation and the types of dreams and how they relate to witchcraft but I would be writing a book at that point.


Dream Psychology Quotes by Sigmund Freud (goodreads.com)

Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionary


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