Be La Bruja!

   Within the witchcraft community lies talented individuals with unique businesses because we tend to think outside the box when it comes curating everyday products. We love to add magick to everything we can so it is no surprise that there is magickally charged coffee on the market. Based in New Mexico, Bruja Coffee Co. is raising the vibration of morning coffees everywhere.

   “I have clients from all over the world from Iceland to Uruguay and in the end we are all one.” Owner, Mercedes said. “Everyone appreciates a great cup of coffee.” 

   Mercedes has spent her life traveling the world learning how to roast coffee by hand and charge it with magick from the goddess,

   “To learn from other roasters doing the work the old way from South and Central America, the Caribbean, and Spain was very humbling.” Mercedes said.

   Coffee magick calls to Mercedes because it is an accessible to way to raise the planet’s vibration,

   “I practice coffee Magic because it’s an ingredient which i have an abundance of and it is fairly inconspicuous,” Mercedes said. “My mission is to raise people’s vibration through a magical intention filled brew.”

   Not only is she raising all of her customer’s vibrations while providing a quality cup of coffee but she also seeks to empower women worldwide.

   “Part of my mission is to empower women.” Mercedes said. “I only buy my beans from women owned or run farms, and I also give mentoring to women that want to build a business themselves.”

   Bruja Coffee Co started with a dream, the goddess, and friendship.

   “Bruja Coffee Co. started about 15 years ago, when I had a very vivid dream with the Goddess Hekate. She practically gave me the idea.” Mercedes said. “Then my friend, Lina decided to buy a coffee farm in the mountains of Puerto Rico.”

   Mercedes uses the old methods of roasting because she likes to really get to know the coffee and add her enchanting touch to the beans.

   “I equate roasting with alchemy because we make one substance into another through work and manipulation of the elements.” Mercedes said. “I chose to not use a machine so I could be present during the whole transformation of the beans.”

   By being aware and present through the coffee roasting process, Mercedes is able to add her own touch of alchemy to the beans. Mercedes charges every batch with an intention to help alchemize the customer’s day.

   “I charge the beans a day before the roasting begins with crystals and herbs then during with herbs and woods and finally when cooling with crystals.” Mercedes said. “They soak up the sun and moon so they have high vibration and I also charge with alchemical gold and silver.” 

   Bruja Coffee Co. has customers all over the world and Mercedes has traveled all over Europe and Latin America. Being Latina herself, she identifies as a Bruja which is a latin word for witch but it has many more layers to it’s meaning.

   “The slang for a Bruja began in Mexico and carried its way down the rest of the chain of Spanish-speaking countries as a derogatory term for a woman.” Mercedes said. “the witch is essentially a bitch in contemporary Spanish linguistics, however La Bruja represents power and mystics.”

   To Mercedes, the word “Bruja” has a an empowering weight to it,

   “As Latina coming from Puerto Rico, knowing the history of my people and the struggle for freedom and poverty; why not be a magic-wielding woman who can overcome anything?” Mercedes said. 

   Like many witches, Mercedes does not listen to any naysayers who have things to say about her, her business, or her beliefs,

“I take that word as a badge of honor. they tried to erase us but we are still here, be strong, be La Bruja!”

Shop Bruja Coffee Co. Here


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