An Honest Letter From Your Witch Friend or Family Member

 Dear everyone,    When I became a witch, it wasn’t to worship the devil. He actually had nothing to do with it. I became a witch because it allows me to express myself and be religious in a way I can understand. I wish everyone would do a little bit of research because you will findContinue reading “An Honest Letter From Your Witch Friend or Family Member”

New Moon in Capricorn!

 What’s up witches! This week is special because it is the new moon in Capricorn. New moon in Capricorn falls on January 11-13 and it is the first new moon of the year! This all about setting long term goals as Capricorn’s earth energy helps us plant the seeds of success. So set your 2021Continue reading “New Moon in Capricorn!”

Why I Am a Grey Witch

Up until recently, I identified as a white witch. To me this meant that I was only to do spells involving love and light. While I still think this way, I didn’t know that there was more to the title of white witch.     This realization came about when I met Lilith as a new guide.Continue reading “Why I Am a Grey Witch”

The Divine Masculine

The divine masculine is so ingrained in society that we don’t even realize that it exists. The divine masculine rules the external world and contrasts to the divine feminine who is all about introspect. The divine masculine is where we get the concept of working to get rich and becoming a leader in society.    IContinue reading “The Divine Masculine”

Divine Feminine

Many witches are female because the divine feminine is a sacred thing in our craft. There is a divine masculine as well but I feel like we use the divine masculine in our daily lives without knowing it so it is not as emphasized in witchcraft. The divine feminine is the emotional and spiritual sideContinue reading “Divine Feminine”

Magickal Mornings

Incorporating a little bit of magick into your everyday life is essential for successful manifestation. There are small things that you can do in the morning to start your daily flow.    I know that we can’t do this every day but when I can I like to start my mornings off with something that givesContinue reading “Magickal Mornings”

Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft

Being a witch is hard. I love it and it’s my passion but sometimes it takes a lot of my energy. If you feel tired of the craft it’s okay to take a break for a little bit. Before my break I thought that taking a break was so stupid. I thought that it wouldContinue reading “Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft”