The Emperor

   In yesterday’s post I went over the empress so today I’m writing about the emperor. Like I said yesterday, tarot is very dependent on the reader’s interpretation of the cards. For beginners it is great to start off with the text book meaning and then use your intuition to add your own twist. So just like yesterday I will give you the textbook meaning and my own intuitive meaning of the card.

   The empress embodies the mother archetype of the tarot so the emperor is her male counterpart. He sits on a large throne decorated with ram heads. These rams symbolize a connection to aries and the planet mars. Mars/Aries have a very masculine energy to them. He holds an Egyptian ankh and an orb to symbolize life and ruling over the world. His clothes are red as red symbolizes power and passion for life. Underneath he has a layer of armor to symbolize protection from any threats. This also symbolizes being less emotionally vulnerable. He has a white beard to symbolize wisdom. He also wears a crown to symbolize authority and that he will be heard. Behind the throne is a mountain range that symbolizes majesty, a strong backing, and resistance to change. Beneath it is a river which symbolizes that although he is less vulnerable, he still has emotions. When the emperor is reversed it points to control issues, stubbornness, and lack of discipline.

   When I read the emperor I immediately get king vibes and a strong masculine energy. If I am reading a man then I know that he is more in touch with divine masculine. If I am reading a girl then I know that she is in touch with her divine masculine or there is a man in her life. This could be a father or a lover. I get a fire energy from this card which points to power and sometimes unpredictability. If you draw this card it often points to your client taking control of a situation. When it is reversed it can either point to the opposite meaning or an introspective meaning. So when reversed it can mean control issues, stubbornness, or even a lack of control in life. It can also mean an inner desire to take charge, masculine energy, or an omen to get in touch with one’s masculine side.


Emperor Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot is a great source for beginners in tarot!

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