The Empress

Tarot is one of my favorite things to do so it’s crazy to me that I haven’t written about it that much. Tarot is really what got me into spirituality because it awakened my intuition and third eye. When learning tarot, people assume that it’s all memorization but really it is more intuitive based. If you are a person that is amazing at memorizing and wants to go that route then great, you do you but most of us aren’t like that. Every reader reads each card a little bit different because we use our third eye to get messages from the higher self. I want to go over some if not all of the tarot cards on this blog. I am going to first go over the textbook meaning and then I will add in my intuitive meaning. So if you are learning tarot, take what resonates and feel free to ask me questions in the comments. Today’s tarot card is the empress.

   By definition, the word empress means, “a woman who is a sovereign ruler of great power and rank, especially one ruling an empire.” On the card there is a beautiful woman with long blonde hair, wearing a crown of 12 stars. This crown symbolizes her connection to the divine and the cycles of the universe. An example of this is the 12 months of the year. Her dress has a pomegranate pattern that symbolizes fertility. She sits on a throne with the symbol of Venus carved into it. This symbolizes love, beauty, and fertility which is the essence of the empress. In the background is a green forest with a stream which symbolizes her connection to mother earth and a motherly energy. In the foreground there is wheat which symbolizes fertility and a good harvest. Because of all these nature symbols, you may find peace in nature if you draw the empress. Every tarot card has different meanings depending on whether it is upright or upside down. So when drawn reversed, the empress can point to creative blocks and dependence on others. 

   That was the textbook meaning of the empress but when I read the empress I focus on a couple different aspects of her. The empress symbolizes feminine energy (especially contrasting the emperor). Not only is she soft and graceful but she has power. When I draw the empress I know that the person I am reading has a caring side. Especially if it’s a guy, this points to him being in touch with his feminine side. To me the empress symbolizes a motherly energy so when you draw this card it points to that motherly and caring personality. I read reversals in a few different ways, to me reversals can make the card mean the opposite of what it normally means or it can point to the emotions. So if I get the empress reversed it can point to a blockage in feminine energy or an overactive divine masculine, careless behavior, or maybe they hurt someone. It can also just be saying that this person is caring on the inside but they don’t show, or just a deeply caring or feminine personality. 

   All tarot cards are ultimately up to the reader’s interpretation. This is just how I do it. I like to take the book’s meaning into account and pull inspiration from it and then have my own spin on it. If you are a beginner, you will understand this when you get experience. When I first started a lot of my interpretations were from the book but you learn that the vibes can change from reading to reading. So follow your intuition and practice, practice, practice. 


Empress Tarot Card Meanings | Biddy Tarot

Biddy Tarot is a great source for beginners, I learned a lot from them!

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