Evil Eye

The evil eye is an ancient symbol of protection. It is still heavily produced today in jewelry and decor. Although many people who wear it don’t know what it means it is bringing them protection against any curses sent their way. 

   Belief in the evil eye is very ancient and it is even considered ubiquitous. Many of the concepts that I incorporate into my craft are ubiquitous between most religions. it occurs in ancient Greece and Rome, in Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu traditions, and in indigenous traditions. The evil eye curse is an ancient method of cursing where all you have to do is look at someone wrong. You simply give them a dirty look and think some mean things about them and boom they’re cursed. This curse can cause problems from minor inconveniences to full on injuries. So if you are going to ever curse anyone you need to be sure that you want to do it. You also need to be sure that they deserve it because if not, you will get a huge karmic backfire. Also if you are in tune with the universe they will probably get their karma anyways.
  In order to protect yourself from these curses and bad vibes from people you can wear the popular blue eye amulet. It originated in turkey and it is a widely known protection symbol. What I also like to do is draw it on mirrors and windows so that no bad vibes can enter. Another good way is if you’re doing protection magick you can carve it into a blue candle.


Evil eye | occult | Britannica


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