Zodiac Compliments

Follow up to my roast from yesterday.

Aries: You have a heart of gold and you wear your feelings on your sleeve. Nobody loves as hard as you so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Although you feel like nobody is the one for you, they are out there.

Taurus: You know how to have a good time. You teach us that we are allowed to treat ourselves sometimes. You are also a hard worker so you deserve everything you give yourself.

Gemini: You actually aren’t as manipulative and crazy as people make you out to be. You just don’t like getting played so sometimes you have to bring that side out for survival. 

Cancer: You are the most caring zodiac sign. You are everyone’s mom friend and we feel safe around you.

Leo: Even when you don’t feel the best, you always put your best self forward.

Virgo: You are so wise so you are the friend that gives the best advice. Your organized nature also helps you complete any project that life throws at you. Not only will you complete the project but it will be done with a creative flair that only you have.

Libra: I have never seen a libra who didn’t have style or an eye for art. Everything you do is so deliberate, from the way you do your makeup to what you say to people throughout the day. You always know how to bring peace and beauty into the world. You are art.

Scorpio: You are so sexy. You have this mysterious side that is just like a magnet. Not only are you insanely attractive you are also a water sign so you have emotional intelligence. Although you have a tough shell you are actually a softie on the inside.

Sagittarius: You are so fun to be around. You know how to bring the party and you are not afraid to jump for opportunities.

Capricorn: Not only do you know how to make a bag, you are also super smart. If you are in a situation with no way out, you can always find the loophole. You know exactly what you want and how to get it so keep slaying.

Aquarius: You are the master of intelligent thought. You want to change the world but you also understand that everything isn’t just black and white. So keep bringing your energy, aquarius, we need you.

Pisces: Your intuition is unmatched. You are the final zodiac sign which means that you are the closest to the spirit realm. Getting in touch with the other side and the higher self is your gift. So follow your intuition, you will find that it’s usually right.

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