I’m sure you have heard people complain about Mercury being in retrograde but what does that mean? Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky. It is not actually moving backwards but from earth it appears to. These retrogrades can affect us in many different ways depending on what planet it is and what astrology is looking like at that time. 

   Because retrogrades appear to move backwards, the past will often come back up during retrograde. These events often bring up repressed emotions from the past that we need to deal with. It is like a pause button on our progress to allow us to realize how we can be better. This allows us to assess what we are doing and maybe change the path we’re on. 

   Retrogrades can also bring up past karma. This is why we often face inconveniences, relationship issues, personal problems and more during retrograde. These planets in retrograde are forcing you to learn from your mistakes even if you don’t want to. 

   To figure out what each retrograde means, you can look to each planet’s individual meaning. The most known example is Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication and when it is in retrograde we often see struggles on relaying messages. This comes in the form of phones not working, traffic jams, getting in fights with loved ones etc. 

   With retrogrades, the most important thing to do is not fight it. The more you resist the lessons of the retrograde, the harder it will be to manifest and learn from the retrograde. Retrogrades are also here to make sure you are on the right path. A retrograde could change your path depending on what you are wanting. We go down many paths in life to learn what our highest self wants and a retrograde could show you that maybe what you’re doing isn’t in your best interest. 


What Is A Retrograde In Astrology? Here’s What It Means When A Planet Takes A Backspin (


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