Ascension Symptoms

   Recently, The Great Conjunction happened and it affected me so much. It put our world in 3 new cycles, one being the 5d shift. When these shifts happen, they affect your body and mind. It also hits way harder if you are spiritually woke and if you read this blog you will probably relate to this post so hard! 

   So when a vibrational shift happens we get physical and mental symptoms because our consciousness is expanding. Our physical bodies were made for the third dimension so when we ascend we have to vibrate at a higher frequency and hold more light. This adjustment can be uncomfortable so there are many symptoms that we go through as we learn to live on this new level. This is our body and mind getting rid of limitations that are holding us back from the fifth dimension. The more sensitive you are, the more this will affect you. I am super sensitive to energy so the ascension is kicking my ass.

  • Emotional Trauma: When we go through a spiritual awakening, we learn to heal and work through trauma. The more we heal, the more open we are to receiving messages and healing energies from the divine. This is where we get the concept of shadow work. With the ascension happening now, a lot of my emotional trauma that I have ignored for years is coming back up. This is a good thing in the long run but I honestly hate it and the worst part is that the only way I can get out of it is to deal with it. Every time I try to ignore it, it only gets worse. So if you feel weirdly sad lately for no reason, think about times that you have felt hurt in the past or you can find a shadow work meditation to help you find it. Right now you need to allow yourself to feel these emotions. The more you try to ignore them, the worse it is going to get (speaking from experience here). Once you acknowledge these feelings and let them pass, the faster you will arrive at the fifth dimension.
  • Ears Ringing: For the experienced psychic, this is a normal occurrence but your ears may ring more often or out of nowhere right now. If you’re a new or learning psychic, you may start to experience this. Your ears ringing is you learning how to hear higher frequency vibrations. If you are clairaudient and a spirit is in the room your ears probably start ringing, it is the same concept. If you are new, you may become clairaudient as the fifth dimension is where we get strong psychic abilities.
  • Tiredness: Adjusting to a new vibration takes a toll on the physical body because your spiritual body is doing so much. This can cause you to be tired for no reason. You may also experience interrupted sleep because you may be working out trauma in your dreams.
  • Headaches: This one has affected me because I use my third eye a lot. This is your third eye and crown chakras opening up to the new vibrations. These chakras are how we develop our psychic abilities and extrasensory perception. In the fifth dimension, having gifts is common so you may start to experience this if you haven’t already. Your brain and energy centers around it are also not used to experiencing the 5d high vibrations so they are adjusting to it.
  • Body Temperature Changes: This has been happening to me and I didn’t know why until literally just now. I have been suddenly getting super cold or super hot and this is just my body clearing out old energy. 
  • Feeling Alienated: During ascension you may feel like you’re alone, especially if you’re the only spiritually sensitive person in your family. I relate to this but luckily I have an open minded boyfriend who listens when I talk about this stuff. You feel this way because you are becoming more aware and your senses are more acute. You detect things that other people cannot and you see the world in a completely different way so of course you feel weird. I feel like this all the time so you are definitely not alone. You may also feel detached from this world. This is because you are feeling the high vibrations of what will be known as the new earth. The people around you might still be vibrating in the third dimension so you may feel like a different breed. This feeling is also common if you identify as a starseed. I haven’t gone over this yet but it basically means that your soul is from another planet. 
  • Synchronicities: Do you always see repeating numbers like 1111, 333, or 7777 etc. This is not just a weird coincidence. This is how the universe and divine communicates with us. When you see repeating numbers like this, it means that your vibration is matching that of your higher self or source. It is the universe telling you that you are on the right path. There are many synchronicities besides numbers as well, the repeating numbers are just the most common examples. Some other synchronicities include: seeing the same animal, coming across the same playing or tarot cards often, seeing the same car on the road, recurring dreams, etc. Synchronicities are basically coincidences that happen way too often to be coincidences.

   Ascension symptoms are hard to deal with sometimes and these are just a few common ones. If your ascension symptoms persist for a long time or are unbearable please go see a doctor because I am a spiritual practitioner, not a physical one. I know nothing about medical science and there might be something physically wrong with you. The best way to deal with symptoms of ascension is to take the path of least resistance. The more you resist, the harder they will get. You can also seek help through spiritual teachers. There are many people who are experts in this so a simple google search can take you a long way. Some good ways to get help are through reiki practitioners, spiritual advisors, witchcraft practitioners etc. There are many types of people who will know how to help you. You can also turn to your guides for help, remember that you are never alone and your guides are always available to help you 24/7. You can also find a community to discuss your experience with. 



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