An Honest Letter From Your Witch Friend or Family Member

 Dear everyone,

   When I became a witch, it wasn’t to worship the devil. He actually had nothing to do with it. I became a witch because it allows me to express myself and be religious in a way I can understand. I wish everyone would do a little bit of research because you will find that we’re not all that different. We both follow a divine power but we just do it differently. My craft means a lot to me so after a while, the rejection begins to hurt. I would never try to force my practice on you but sometimes I wish that you would give it a chance. Instead of shooting me down when I try to involve you in something that I care about, maybe try asking questions about it. If you ask me about it and still don’t want to try then fine but it hurts when you won’t even let me explain myself.

   Another thing is that I (not speaking for all witches here) would never hex or curse you. Most of us only do hexes if you REALLY do us dirty. Like if you stole my boyfriend or got me fired. If we are mad at you, we rarely resort to this. So that time that you stubbed your toe and then hit your head was not me. I did not cast a spell on you. Most of the time we only cast spells with permission.

   We also aren’t conjuring up the dead and inviting random spirits in. We do spirit work but this is only with our guides and ancestors. These are spirits that are always with us and you have them too. But you wouldn’t know about that would you. Most of us are also psychics and when we read our cards or our crystal balls etc. we are not talking with the dead to get answers. We can do that but most of the time that is not the case. We get the answers through our personal connection to the divine and the higher self. So don’t freak out at the site of divination tools.

   What I am trying to say is stop completely shutting us out and rejecting us the moment we come out of the broom closet. Before you say that what we do is wrong, do some research. You will find out that a lot of the stuff we do is very similar to what you do. You will also find out that a lot of what you do is based on what we do. Sometimes it’s all the same but with a slightly different story behind it. This is the whole reason why I started this blog. I want more people to be educated on what witchcraft really is because it is really a beautiful thing. So next time you start to get mad or afraid because your friend or family member is a witch, think twice before you reject us. We are people too and it hurts.


   Modern day witches everywhere


One thought on “An Honest Letter From Your Witch Friend or Family Member

  1. Hi Aivrey, This is your Aunt Peggy. Just be so careful. we worry for you. I believe in God and I believe in satan. Satan is very deceptive and subtle. Have you ever heard the analogy of the frog in water. If you tried to put a frog in a boiling pan of water it would immediately jump out. If you put in in a pan of cold water and gradually turn up the heat, it would stay until it was cooked to death. Just be careful. As you try to discover yourself and explore witchcraft, Don’t be gently lead down a path to somewhere you never would have gone. We love you.


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