Why I Am a Grey Witch

Up until recently, I identified as a white witch. To me this meant that I was only to do spells involving love and light. While I still think this way, I didn’t know that there was more to the title of white witch. 

   This realization came about when I met Lilith as a new guide. I had never worked with a dark goddess before so I knew that I had to do my research. One of the things that I needed to research was the left hand path because dark goddesses are associated with the left hand path. I did not expect my research to change my opinion on being a white witch.

   So a white witch means that you take the right hand path. On the right hand path, the goal is to completely dissolve the ego and lose the sense of self. While the ego death sounds good, I would rather hold onto my sense of self because then I would just get lost. So that is what I disagree with on the right hand path. The good thing about the right hand path is the desire for divine communication for the greater good. This means that we communicate with the other side for guidance on how to make the world a better place. I also agree with using my magick to spread light in the world. This is the path that the Wiccan religion follows but I don’t identify as Wiccan. Wicca also has some rules that I don’t necessarily follow and these rules correlate with the right hand path

   With the left hand path, you give into your ego and do everything for the self. You can do any black magick you want and it doesn’t matter who it hurts. There is no sense of karma. The left hand path is really just for the benefit of the self. I do not see anything wrong with this if pleasing yourself is all you seek from witchcraft. The other thing about the left hand path that set me off is that you are supposed to reject society. I know that not everybody on the left hand path does this because most people are usually grey witches but the idea is to completely reject all of society’s norms and go off on your own path. If you like these ideals then there is nothing wrong with this but it is not my jam. I do agree with some ideas that come from the left hand path though. I would like to use my craft for self gain because I am another selfish human on Earth. We are all selfish and one of the ideas from the left hand path that I like is the acceptance of our darkside. I am actually working with Lilith on how to accept the parts of me that I don’t like and that it is okay to indulge in the self sometimes. One of the reasons I became a witch was to be able to  manipulate the energies of the universe for my own gain. I felt like I was at the mercy of the world but now the world is at my mercy. I am also a person who does not blindly follow rules. I always have to question and bend rules. I do not feel the need to bend to society’s standards. I would rather be different and live my truth than change myself to fit a mold. I believe that if you are living your truth you are expressing your highest self then you are raising the Earth’s vibration which is always good.

   I feel more powerful as a grey witch because this allows me to be the imperfect person I am. As a white witch I felt pressure to be selfless and only full of love and light but the truth is that is an impossible task. You are allowed to be sad and angry sometimes. You are allowed to be selfish and focus on yourself. Your dark side is often your greatest strength.


2 thoughts on “Why I Am a Grey Witch

  1. I agree It’s good to be selfish sometimes but I also Believe you should also treat others the way you want to be treated because as you said in your article Karma will come back on you when you least expect it. Also, if you hurt someone else to get ahead it doesn’t feel good in the long run. Great article we all have to have a balance of selfishness vs giving.

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