The Divine Masculine

The divine masculine is so ingrained in society that we don’t even realize that it exists. The divine masculine rules the external world and contrasts to the divine feminine who is all about introspect. The divine masculine is where we get the concept of working to get rich and becoming a leader in society.

   I know that I’m about to sound like a crazy feminist for saying this but one of the reasons that we are so in tune with the divine masculine is because we have a patriarchal society. Most of the values that males hold is what is seen as worthwhile. This can point to big things like the desire to be a leader or even how things men like are seen as more acceptable than women’s interests. A good example is how when women watch sports we are seen as more desirable rather than when we talk about makeup. Things like beauty are seen as trivial because we live in a patriarchal society that values divine masculine aspects.

   Now that I am done with my feminist rant, how does the divine masculine affect witchcraft? When starting off in witchcraft we tend to focus on the divine feminine. This is because we already understand the divine masculine. We must learn the divine feminine because without integrating both aspects into the craft we will not effectively manifest. Once you learn how to use your divine feminine you can learn how to incorporate the divine masculine into your craft to benefit yourself and even society. Through the divine feminine we learn our gifts and through the divine masculine we use those gifts. 

   The divine masculine is the side of us that we use to take action. Every time you set a goal or intention you are using your divine masculine. The divine masculine is what pushes us to bring our manifestations to life. Without him, we would just sit and wait for everything to come to us. The divine masculine is like the sun and the divine feminine is the moon. Without both of them the world couldn’t exist.


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