2021 Astrology

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the astrology of the events of 2020. For 2021 I want to look at where the stars fall on New Years since that is 2021’s birthday. By looking at 2021’s birth chart I can predict key events in the year by looking at where their signs fall. I really wish I would have done this at the beginning of 2020 because yikes!

   I want to start with 2021’s sun. So 2021 has its sun in capricorn. This makes a lot of sense because 2021 has a theme of rebuilding and 2020 was all about destruction with Saturn conjunct Pluto. Capricorn is the entrepreneur of the zodiac so in 2021 we will be building and manifesting our dreams. The sun is also where we find happiness so in 2021 we will be focusing on building a future that will make us a better society. This also makes sense because on 12/21/2020 we had the great conjunction. This means that Jupiter and Saturn lined up. This happens every 20 years but this time it is special because this is the closest they have been since 1623. I am writing this on 12/17 so I haven’t experienced the conjunction first hand yet but it is said that it will bring on the new astrological age of aquarius. The age of aquarius is all about standing up for what’s right and creating good change in the world. With a capricornian theme in 2021 we can use the intelligent energy of aquarius combined with the innovative energy of capricorn to make a better earth. The sun is also in 2021’s 10th house of abundance so I see 2021 as a successful year for society as a whole.

   2021’s moon is in leo. This means that we no longer fear standing up for what we believe in. In 2020, the moon was in pisces which pointed to us becoming a more compassionate society (wearing masks, various charity events). Although pisces allowed us to do good for the world in the pandemic, in 2021 we are going to be louder about what we want. This combined with the sun in capricorn is going to make us wildly successful in getting what we want in life. On a society level, this could point to getting out in social justice movements. On a personal level, this could mean not being afraid to chase your dreams. With the moon in leo we won’t be taking no for an answer and we won’t be afraid to tell it like it is. The moon is in our fifth house of creativity so we will be unafraid of the unconventional. We will not be afraid to change for the better and adapt to what life brings us. This also aligns with the aquarian values that are coming into play. Aquarius is all about being different, they are the hippies of the zodiac. So leo in the fifth house combined with the age of aquarius points to unconventional ideals that show. A few examples of this happening now is the new van life movement, or an increase of people finding creative careers that are not your usual 9:00-5:00. 

   Next 2021’s rising is in libra. This points to a theme of justice throughout 2021. A lot of astrologers are saying that 2021 is going to continue the fight for social justice that we saw in 2020. They are also saying that many of the leaders that are liars will fall and be exposed. These are all very aquarian ideas. Libra’s fight for justice combined with the onset of the age of aquarius will bring us to rid ourselves of the corrupt practices we have now. This is in the first house of self which points to this being the theme of the year. 

   I am not going to go over the whole chart because that would take forever but I will go over certain aspects that I think are important to the overall themes in 2021. I am going to start with what planetary bodies fall in aquarius on new years because the age of aquarius is beginning. First we have the asteroid, Pallas. Pallas is the third largest asteroid in the asteroid belt and it symbolizes healing, the arts, and perception. The fact that this is in aquarius points to a renaissance in the age of aquarius. With STEM careers being the focus lately I think that arts are going to make a comeback with this aquarian placement. I think that this has already begun with the rise of more indie artists in the music industry and less of Gen Z going to college. This asteroid rules over creativity and wisdom so I think that in the age of aquarius, new ideas will rise from the new generations. These ideas will solve the problems that the past generations couldn’t solve and they will be ingenious and creative. 

   My next placement is a given: Jupiter in aquarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and it will be in aquarius for most of 2021. This points to us becoming more intelligent and unconventional. With Pallas in aquarius as well we will be more accepting of underdogs and more unique ideals. In the past we have been more focused on faith and leadership even if it made us stupid we would fall in line. With the age of aquarius that will change and we will be more focused on making the earth a better place for all. 

   Another placement that is influential is Saturn in aquarius which is the other half of the great conjunction. Saturn has been in aquarius since March of 2020 and this makes sense because Saturn is the planet of limitations. Back in March is when lockdown began which definitely limited us. Then because aquarian energy is all about making change and speaking out, this explains all of the struggles we have had with politics on a national and local level. 

   This definitely does not cover the whole chart but I feel like these placements are influencing us the most. 2020 had very challenging placements all year long and 2021 is going to be better. It is still going to be challenging but it holds different challenges than 2021 did. Overall 2020’s themes were destructing old concepts with the transition from the age of pisces to the age of aquarius. With 2021 bringing on the age of aquarius the years theme is going to be rebuilding. It will bring in many new ideas so my advice to you is to be open minded. Aquarius is very intelligent and innovative and doesn’t fear the unconventional. If you let the aquarian influence in then maybe you can save the world.


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