Magickal Mornings

Incorporating a little bit of magick into your everyday life is essential for successful manifestation. There are small things that you can do in the morning to start your daily flow.

   I know that we can’t do this every day but when I can I like to start my mornings off with something that gives me joy. Preferably you’re going to want this to be something that moves your body like working out or going for a walk but as long as it makes you feel good it will work. This first part of the day is so peaceful to just be alone so try not to be on your phone and just enjoy being with yourself. I like go to the gym in the mornings because it gives me an hour of me time. I also like working out in the mornings because when you get your heart pumping it releases endorphins in your brain that makes you feel really good all day. Also moving your body is a great way to get rid of stagnant energy. 

   I am a person who doesn’t hate mornings but the minute I wake up I am going straight to my Keurig… Why do you think I call myself “The Coffee Witch?” When I stir my coffee I like to say my affirmations to myself. I also stir my coffee clockwise because clockwise motions attract. So as I stir clockwise I say my intention. If you do this every morning it starts to make a difference because you are training your subconscious. A lot of witchcraft and manifestation is psychology so when you repeat the same thing every morning your subconscious will learn that when you stir your coffee you already have your intention. Once you get your subconscious to believe in something it will come straight to you. I don’t do this next part but you can even look at the type of coffee/what you put in it. For example, if I drink peppermint coffee with vanilla cream then the peppermint will help stimulate and purify my mind and the vanilla will attract love and calm. You can even put moon water in your coffee for an energy boost and it will boost your affirmations. 

   This isn’t technically magick but eating a healthy breakfast is always good! By putting good food in your body you are raising your vibration which is always a good thing.

   When I get dressed, sometimes I will pick out some crystals that I think will help throughout the day. Sometimes I’ll even make a little mojo bag to carry in my pocket. This is like a little secret weapon to having a good day. My favorite stone to carry is citrine because it’s a happy crystal that brings success and positivity. 

   Next when I wash my face I like to use rose water and a rose moisturizer because roses always attract beauty. When I spray my rosewater, I say affirmations about beauty. My guide, Venus also likes it so that’s a bonus for me.

   So next, if I am having a bad skin day or I want a self esteem boost I can call on Venus (goddess of love and beauty) to help with makeup. I can do this because she is one of my guides and she loves it when her witches do self care and beauty rituals. If you have her as a guide or someone similar then try this all you have to do is ask them for help. Nothing special just literally asking and you will look good effortlessly. I used to not believe this worked but then I was going to an event and I did not like how I looked so when I did my makeup I asked for help. By the time I was done I felt wayyy better about myself. 

   This one gets annoying but cleaning your space in the morning is a must. If I’m being honest I almost never have time for this anymore but it helps your day a lot. By decluttering your space you are decluttering your mind. With a clear mind you can have way more effective meditation and manifestation.

   My favorite thing to do in the morning is my meditation. Now that I’m working every morning I never have time but I miss it so much. Meditating at the beginning of the day just makes you feel like a million bucks. I also like to make my meditations match my intention for the day so they help with my manifestation a lot. Meditating in the morning also gives you a sense of clarity and calm that will last you through the day. It is also a time to relax before the struggles and events of the day happen. 

   These are just some things that I like to do. I think that if you keep an open mind and try some of them you might end up changing your morning routine. Before I tried going to the gym in the morning, I was never someone who wanted to do that. Then I made a joke about it to my stepmom and she actually wanted to try it. So the next day we went and I ended up loving it. Now I try to go in the mornings as much as I can. I don’t make it every morning and that’s okay. The important thing is that I am trying to better myself every morning.


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