Why I Took a Break From Witchcraft

Being a witch is hard. I love it and it’s my passion but sometimes it takes a lot of my energy. If you feel tired of the craft it’s okay to take a break for a little bit. Before my break I thought that taking a break was so stupid. I thought that it would just slow down my manifestation and I would lose my skill. Now I know that it actually helped me a lot.

   This story begins in the beginning of October. I was doing tarot readings for pay on social media and I decided to do free readings since Samhain (halloween) was coming. Well a week after I decide to start free readings I end up having two jobs. With two jobs it was impossible to find time for tarot because I was so tired all the time. It felt like my brain was slowly melting. At this point I didn’t consciously decide to go on a break but I started missing the new moon and meditating less. Then in November I have one full time job and my boyfriend got a new job so we were spending most of our time together since we weren’t used to this change. I was also having mental health problems in November so that made me cling to him even more. Since I was having these problems I drifted further from the craft. The good thing now though is I did shadow work and this caused me to take a  break until I was ready to start again. So every new or full moon I would check in with myself and decide if I was ready to start things up again. Then in December life calmed down a bit and the blog started. I first started preparing the blog in November and it was so hard to write at first because I was not feeling like a powerful witch. Now I am so thankful for this blog because without it, I don’t know if I would have found my way back. I probably would have but it would have taken longer.

   I am writing this on December 17 and this past week we had a new moon/eclipse. This is when I decided to come back and am I glad I did. Before the break, my rituals were more routine and less magickal but this one felt like they did when I first started. The moment I lit my candle a spirit came through and I ended up meeting a new guide which was very fun and good for me and she has already helped me a lot. Then the meditation was super freeing which reflected the energy of the eclipse in sagittarius. It was all about letting go which was perfect for me. I am back to a point where I can manifest effortlessly whereas before the break I found myself getting frustrated because nothing was working. I had all of these unknown blocks popping up that weren’t apparent until these conflicts in my life came up. Now I still have problems obviously but I feel way more equipped to deal with them. I also have confidence in my inner power that I would have never found without a break.


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