Full Moon

One of the first things people imagine when they hear the word witch is us dancing naked under the moon. This is not that far off except being naked is entirely optional. Full moon is a time for celebration for us so we are often found dancing under her light. Full moon is when we celebrate and give thanks… but why?

   On full moon energies are amplified so this makes for a magickal night. Whether you are doing spellwork, a ritual, or just getting shit done the energy of the full moon is there to help you. It is the most powerful time in the lunar cycle so it is a pivotal night for your intentions. 

   On a full moon there are three different types of witches. One who has already manifested their intention, one who is still working on it, and one who did not manifest for whatever reason.

   If you either manifested or are still working towards your goal, the night of full moon is a night of celebration. On a full moon you want to celebrate your accomplishments, give thanks to the universe for providing for you, and let go of what is no longer serving you. I am going to share my ritual but for the 1000th time I do not recommend copying another witch’s ritual but you can take ideas from me and put your own twist on them.

The Coffee Witch’s Full Moon Ritual

  1. Full Moon Cookies! Because I am celebrating, I like to make some cookies on the full moon. Bonus points if yours are inspired by the moon. Since I’m lazy and bad at decorating cookies I usually just do plain sugar cookies because technically they look like the full moon. But if baking is your thing then there are some really cool recipes online.
  2. Cleanse: Next I smoke cleanse with my palo santo as always!
  3. Meditate: Meditation is a great way to self reflect on the past cycle and receive guidance for what is to come. Like I said in my last post, I just go on youtube and try to find a couple good guided meditations. 
  4. Gratitude: One of the most important things to do on a full moon and in general is to show gratitude. By giving thanks the universe will give you more. I like to write down what I’m thankful for and it can be anything from your dog to the goddess herself. 
  5. Dance Party! This is where the image of us dancing naked under the moon comes from. I like to have a dance party on full moon to celebrate life and let loose! Moving your body is also a great way to release any stagnant energy. It also releases happy hormones in your brain which is always good.
  6. Release: Another important step on full moon is release what is no longer serving you. Think about what you struggled with in this cycle then write it down. Next burn it. Then after that get rid of the ashes. There are many ways to dispose of the ashes but I like to do it based on what zodiac sign the moon is in. For example if the moon is in a water sign I will flush them. Betcha didn’t know your toilet was magickal.
  7. Ritual Bath: Next I do my bath because after I have released my shadow aspects I like to feel cleansed of them. Sometimes I’ll bathe in something or sometimes I’ll just have a simple bath. It just depends on what sign the moon is in and what the vibe is that night. Most of the time I still have a white candle and crystals like amethyst, opal, moonstone, and selenite. 
  8. Be Creative: Full moon is a night of enhanced energy and I am happiest when I create so full moon is a great opportunity for me to write music. Obviously if you’re not a musician you don’t have to write music but do something you enjoy.
  9. Moon Water: One of my last steps is making moon water. Moon water is simply water left out under the moon. It is great for spell work and it is also super energizing. I like to put it in my coffee to start my day off with magick. 
  10. Gift: Finally in the next few days I like to get myself a little something as a way of saying that I’m proud of myself. Usually I get myself something witchy like a little crystal but one time I just got myself coffee. It’s whatever you want. 

   If you didn’t manifest, that’s okay too! You can still do the ritual. What I like to do if I wasn’t successful is focus on the thanking and releasing aspects of the ritual. So I don’t do cookies, dance party, creativity, or gift. You can do the whole thing if you want, this is just my preference. When I don’t manifest, the full moon is still a useful time to recenter and think about what held you back, release it and get ready to try again in the next moon cycle. Or maybe you change your intention completely. 

   When I do full moon I still like to take it’s zodiac sign into account because it can explain the type of energy that is there. For me, the moon really affects me so this helps explain my own emotions. For example, if the moon is in cancer I will be super emotional and maybe even sad. Whereas when the moon is in leo I tend to be more outgoing and motivated.


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