New Moon

   So I know that I have gone through each moon phase already on this blog but I want to go more in depth with the new moon because it is a special time for rituals/spellwork. Although each phase is important, the new moon plays a significant role in creating your intentions.

   The new moon symbolizes new beginnings, transformation, and starting over. It is the time to connect with source to renew your energy for the next moon cycle. New moon is the night that we set our intentions of what we want to manifest over the next moon cycle or even long term goals. You don’t have to do a fancy ritual, if you just make sure you are open to receiving guidance and opportunities then they will come your way. 

   The moon symbolizes the divine feminine because it rules the emotions. The moon is also always in a cycle and women often connect with this pattern. Sometimes our menstrual cycles can match the moon cycle (yes it has happened to me). Working with the moon also allows you to stay connected and in tune with the universe and divine. 

   When you get into the rhythm of moon magick you can start to take the zodiac sign that the moon falls in into account. This is especially good if you identify as a celestial witch. The sign that the moon is in can alter the energy of the cycle greatly and this can influence how smooth your manifestation goes. For example, if the moon is in virgo my intention is going to focus on practical things like money or work. Because virgo is an earth sign it has an intelligent and hardworking energy that values material outcome so I am more likely to manifest something having to do with those values. As the moon cycle continues you will see how these energies influence your intentions because you will either feel pulled in a different direction or you will be flowing and getting shit done. You can also look at your own chart to see where that sign falls. Planetary energy has a huge influence on us as people so taking into account where that energy influences us can give you helpful insight on what intentions to set. As a general rule, if the moon is in your sun you will have more boosted power in this cycle. If the moon is in your moon sign then your emotions are your focus and strength. Finally if the moon is in your rising then you should look to your rising sign for strength and wisdom in this cycle. Those are the big three placements that have the most influence on your chart but what if it is in a different sign? For example, if the new moon is in aquarius and my mercury is in aquarius that means that I should focus on communicating my ideas with the world. This is because mercury in aquarius means that I have unorthodox ideas that I want to share with the world. I have a witch blog for crying out loud. The new moon being in this sign is telling me that I will have success at this because the energy is right.

   On the new moon I always do a ritual to set my intentions for the coming moon cycle. When doing rituals, I like to create my own so I take inspiration from the internet and give it a me twist. I don’t recommend following someone else’s ritual step by step because your craft is unique to you and something that works for someone else might not work for you.

The Coffee Witch’s New Moon Ritual

  1. So the first step to all of my rituals is to cleanse my space because there’s no negativity allowed.
  2. Ritual bath: ritual baths are so relaxing! I like to put myself in a relaxed state when I do rituals so that I can be more open to receive divine guidance. For my ritual bath I make a bath salt with lavender and sea salt. I also like to add some drops of lavender to the bath because lavender is such a relaxing oil. Next I put crystals and candles around the tub. The crystals and candles can vary depending on what zodiac the moon is in but most of the time I use a white or black candle, amethyst, opal, moonstone, and selenite. All of these crystals are great for harnessing the moon’s energy. I also like to do my meditation in the ritual bath.
  3. Meditate: For meditation, I like to just look up new moon meditation on youtube and try two of them. At first this seems silly but soon you’ll find channels you like. I like youtube because it’s a free way to get into meditations and there’s some really good guided meditations on there. I also like to just do one or two meditations so I don’t get tired or burnt out.
  4. Tarot: obviously if you don’t know tarot you can skip this step but I like to do a spread to solidify the intentions I want to set and gain insight on them. Sometimes the tarot will expose that I’m going about my intentions all wrong and that I should pick a different approach so I think that tarot is a great tool.
  5. Set intentions: Finally I am ready to set my intentions. I do this by writing down any intention that I was thinking about setting. Then I find the one that resonates the most and make that my main intention. Next I like to make a sigil. I haven’t gone over sigil making yet so for those who don’t know, a sigil is a symbol that a witch gives power to. They are super fun to make and there are many methods (honestly you can draw any picture and make it a sigil) but I like to use letters to create my sigils. I will make a post on just sigil making but this is just a very quick how to. So you write out your intention, then cross out the vowels and repeated letters. With the letters you have left you are going to create a design that uses all of the letters. Once you have drawn your sigil you must activate it. To do this you need your bodily fluids so saliva, sweat,etc. Place your bodily fluid on the sigil while thinking of your intention. Your sigil is now working. I also like to place crystals on it for extra umph. 

   The new moon is a wonderful time to begin manifestations and prepare for new beginnings. I strongly recommend using the moon in your practice because it keeps you in tune with the cycles of the universe which makes manifestation easier. The moon is also a planetary body and planetary bodies connect us to the divine. This can help you open up to meeting guides and receiving guidance from the divine. It also is a great way to learn about witchcraft and yourself.


What Is the Meaning of the New Moon? – Witches Of The Craft®


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