Rose Quartz Promise Ring

 If you have been dating someone for a long time, you may want them to buy you a promise ring. The fun thing about promise rings is that there are no rules when choosing one. Some girls want a small diamond while some girls just want a simple silver ring. I like to use witchcraft in most aspects of my life so my boyfriend got me a rose quartz ring.

   Rose quartz is the stone of love and it also happens to be one of my favorite crystals. Not only do I love the ring just because it looks so cool but I can incorporate it into my craft. Because it is something I wear every day I like to charge it with an intention and make sure it is cleansed properly. 

   On full moon I like to leave it where the moon’s rays hit it as a cleansing/charging method. Then when I wear it I will feel the loving energy it provides. This is what I do with most of my crystal jewelry but if I’m feeling spicy I will enchant it. I have not enchanted my ring yet but I have enchanted a pair of rose quartz earrings and it worked out very well. I enchanted them to attract self love because rose quartz is not exclusive to romantic love. The spell is also super simple. So I waited until full moon and charged the earrings, then I wrote a love letter to myself, did some self care, meditated/visualized with the earrings, slept with them, then finally voiced my intention. This formula is pretty generic so if I wanted to enchant for a different intention I could do generally the same stuff but switch some things up.

   I love crystal jewelry for enchanting because crystals are highly vibrational and they vibrate at certain frequencies to correspond to your intention. Although I prefer crystal jewelry, you can make anything a talisman if you enchant it and believe in it. Remember, the most powerful element of a spell is the witch’s intention therefore, you can enchant anything.


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