What is a Spell

 Non witches who read this blog or any witch media probably think we’re delusional when we talk about our spellwork. You’re probably thinking how can putting some salt and leaves in a jar help you? The honest answer is that it isn’t even about the salt or the leaves. 

   By definition a spell is:

     1 a spoken word or form of words held to have magic power

    2 a state of enchantment

    3 a strong compelling influence or attraction

   Notice that none of these definitions mention the ingredients. This is because spells aren’t about the ingredients at all, in fact they are completely optional. To have a successful spell all  you need is a powerful intention.

   Essentially, a spell is just a concentration of energy on a certain thing. If I want to attract money theoretically all I have to do is believe that I have money and it will come my way. This method works for some people but unfortunately our brain makes it hard for most of us to manifest this way. This is why many times spells are like craft projects. While we do this craft we are thinking about our intention, therefore we are casting our energy on something in the physical world. By doing this it is easier for our brain to process our intention and bring it to light. Also by concentrating our energy on something physical it makes it easier for our brain to understand that it is real which makes it more likely to come true because one of the hardest things about learning to manifest is believing that it’s really happening. When we physically see the spell we made we are more likely to believe in it. 

   Although the ingredients in our spells don’t technically matter, there are reasons why we use the things we do. If you have studied dreams before, you may have learned about the collective consciousness. For those who don’t know, the collective consciousness is a set of shared beliefs in society. For example, salt is a symbol of purity and if you research you will see that most religions believe this, therefore it is part of the collective consciousness. Unless you live under a rock, the collective consciousness is ingrained in your brain. Because of this we know what the ingredients symbolize and this allows the conscious mind to believe the spell is working. 

   Obviously there is more to spellwork than this but I hope this is a good start in explaining it. A lot of witchcraft and manifestation is psychology and spells are no exception. Media depicts spells as a combination of weird ingredients, magic words, and crazy powers but in real life it’s much more simple.


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