My Favorite Crystal

   Once you get into collecting crystals, your favorites tend to jump out at you quickly. My first time experiencing this was with rose quartz. The minute I held my rose quartz in my palm I could feel a strong connection and energy in my whole body. Although I love rose quartz and wear it every day, it is not my favorite crystal anymore. Rose quartz was my favorite for a long time but now I discovered a rare stone called Azurite. 

   Azurite is not a well known stone so I discovered it differently than usual. I usually discover crystals by seeing them online and then finding them in store and buying a small tumbled stone to see what it’s about. Through this method you really only find more popular, abundant, and well known gems. There is nothing wrong with this because these stones still hold a lot of power. This is also a good method because these stones are usually cheap and you can buy them in small sizes to try them out. With azurite I was meditating and I saw a beautiful blue gem and I knew that I had to have it. I had no idea what it was though so I literally just went on google and searched “blue crystal.” When the images came up I found two crystals that were like my vision: azurite and sodalite. After that I looked up the vibes of those crystals and azurite matched the vibe I was looking for. Azurite is known as the stone of the mind and heavens and brings clarity from higher powers. At this time in my life I desperately needed clarity so I was willing to work to find this crystal. Although I finally knew what it was I had no idea where to find it because I had bought all my crystals at the mall and they don’t have the biggest selection. I still checked the mall just in case but what a shocker, they didn’t have it. One day my boyfriend and I were bored so I forced him to take me to two crystal shops to find this thing. The first crystal shop I just knew that they weren’t going to have it because I didn’t feel the vibe (psychics, you know what I mean.) Then we pulled up to a shop called “Magic of the Rainbow” and I knew that they had it the moment I saw the sign. When I walked in the door it was the first crystal that I saw. This crystal was also EXPENSIVE! Most of the crystals I bought before this were less than $10 and this one was $30 and it was pretty small. I didn’t drive all around town for nothing though so I said fuck it and bought it. 

   Now that you know the ordeal I went through to get this crystal I can explain why I love it so much. The first reason why I love it is because it was the first thing I saw when I walked into the shop. If that isn’t a sign that this crystal was meant for me then I don’t know what is. The second reason is that it looks EXACTLY like I imagined it except prettier. It is a very sparkly deep blue color and it has green malachite around it which just adds to its beauty. The third reason is that I feel it’s power and it is STRONG! One of the warnings about azurite is that it is super potent. Google was not wrong. In day one of having it I was already receiving the clarity I needed. The fourth reason I love it is that it is great for boosting psychic abilities so I use it for tarot and meditation. 

   I believe that everyone has certain crystals that are just perfect for them. It may not be apparent when you first start your collection but if you keep going you will find it and then you will be a crystal addict. Because crystals assist with our growth it is normal for our favorite crystals to change as our needs change. Even if you just like crystals for the looks, keep collecting because you might just make a new friend.


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